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Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset

Updates to ULDD Requirements Specification

Be sure to check out Appendix A, the Freddie Mac XML Data Requirements V.3.5.2, updated as of September 16, 2015. As always, review the ULDD Addendum in its entirety to determine impacts to your systems or processes and for applicable effective dates.

The Uniform Loan Delivery Dataset (ULDD) supports the work to implement uniform loan delivery data standards and defines the data that we require at loan delivery based on loan type, loan feature or other business requirements. With the implementation of the ULDD Phases 1 and 2, lenders are now providing Freddie Mac with more complete and accurate data. The data is at a more granular level, is standardized, and now has clearer definitions, providing lenders and Freddie Mac with a common understanding of the meaning of each data point. The end result is greater transparency that helps lenders gain a better understanding of our assessment of mortgage risk and purchase requirements on the loans they sell to Freddie Mac. With the enhanced transparency, lenders can originate and deliver loans with greater confidence, and ultimately, greater purchase certainty.

Technical Resources

The following resources provide the technical documentation that Freddie Mac-approved Sellers and vendors need to implement Freddie Mac's loan delivery data requirements for the Phase 2 ULDD:

  • Appendix AFreddie Mac XML Data Requirements V.3.5.2 provides details about the subset of loan delivery data points specified in the MISMO Version 3.0 Reference Model that will be used in the selling system and has been updated to incorporate Tab 9Q3 – ULDDS Addendum issued 9-16-15, which provides the Q3 2015 Addendum updates – Updated as of September 16, 2015
  • Appendix D – This Excel spreadsheet, Freddie Mac XML Data Requirements Reference Tool V.3.5.2, is identical to the Appendix A PDF above, and is designed to enable Sellers and vendors to easily sort and organize the information in the Appendix A PDF document. – Updated as of September 16, 2015
  • ULDD Phase 3 Preview – This Appendix D – Freddie Mac XML Data Requirements Reference Tool, contains the new data points that may be required at delivery to support loans subject to the ability to repay rule. The GSEs have delayed publication of the final ULDD Phase 3 specification; the final version may include modifications. – On hold as of September 23, 2014

Additional Resources


Single-Family News Center Articles

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Guide Bulletins

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