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HAMPĀ® Borrower Solicitation Requirements

Effective June 15, 2015

Eligible borrowers with HAMP-modified mortgages may be eligible for the HAMP Year Six Pay for Performance incentive. As part of this incentive, we’re providing updated requirements for Servicers to notify borrowers of:

  • An upcoming HAMP Year Six Pay for Performance incentive, and
  • An offer to reamortize the mortgage as a result of the HAMP Year Six Pay for Performance incentive.

Please read Guide Bulletin 2015-9 for additional details.

Servicers must send a Borrower Solicitation Package to every borrower who is 31 days or more delinquent between the 31st and 35th day of delinquency and again between the 61st and 65th day of delinquency if quality right party contact was not achieved or the borrower did not respond to the initial solicitation. Servicers must provide in its solicitation the specific date by which the borrower must respond with the required information and documentation ("The Borrower Response Package"), which must be 30 days from the date the solicitation was sent.

Refer to Guide Chapter 64 for requirements related to borrower solicitation and required communication upon quality right party contact.

Tools and Documentation

Borrower Solicitation Documents

The following form must be included in the Borrower Solicitation Package for HAMP-eligible borrowers:

Review additional documents that must be included in the Borrower Solicitation Package.

Trial Period Documents

Permanent Modification Documents

If a borrower is eligible for a permanent HAMP modification, Servicers must send the following documents:

Additional Resources

  • Authorized Changes to HAMP documents in English. – Updated
    Also available in Spanish.

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