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Go For the Gold With SHARP!

Go For the Gold With SHARP

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Go For the Gold With SHARP!

What is SHARP?

Freddie Mac's Servicer Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP)SM enables eligible servicing clients to receive annual rewards based on the Servicer Success Scorecard. A component of the Servicer Success Program, SHARP aims to augment Servicer performance through monetary and non-monetary rewards and recognition.

Rewards and recognition will be determined on an annual basis and delivered in the first quarter of the following year for which you are being ranked. Get started improving your performance today!

Are You Eligible?

Servicers who meet the criteria for receiving an annual rank and fall into groups 1, 2, or 3, are automatically enrolled in SHARP. View the rank groups.

Check out your Servicer Success Scorecard to see if you're eligible. Get started today!

Monetary Awards

Based on your Servicer Success Scorecard ranking and the number of mortgages serviced annually, you may receive rewards as certain criteria is met.

Public Recognition

Based on their ranking, Servicers may also receive press release, industry recognition, a trophy/plaque, plus a designated number of FreddieMacCONNECT registrations.

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