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Authorized Changes for Notes, Riders, Security Instruments and Uniform Residential Loan Application

All of the language changes authorized by Freddie Mac on the authorized change pages provided below and in Exhibit 5 of the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide are permissible, and some are required, for Mortgages originated using the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac or Freddie Mac Uniform Instruments when sold to Freddie Mac.

The changes set forth on the authorized change pages may not be the only changes required under applicable law and/or state and local recording requirements with respect to a specific loan originator or loan transaction. Accordingly, originators should have qualified legal counsel review loan documentation for compliance with applicable law. 

Plain Language

If the authorized change is to a "plain language" form, the plain language version of a change must be used. If no special plain language version of a change is given, the version provided, or an originator-prepared alternative in substantially that wording, may be used subject to Seller's legal counsel's review and approval.


Cross-references in the documents may be adjusted, where necessary, to reflect changes in paragraph numbering or pagination resulting from Authorized Changes.

Borrower Initials

Although not required, originators may include at the bottom of each page, "initial lines" on which the Borrower may insert initials to acknowledge that all pages of the document are present. If initial lines are provided, the originator is not required to have the Borrower initial the document, but if the Borrower does initial the document, the originator must require that the Borrower initial each and every page as indicated.


The Agency tagline must be present on all Uniform Instruments used to originate Single-Family residential mortgage loans for sale to Freddie Mac. Under no circumstances should the Agency tagline be removed or altered in any way.

Absence of the Agency tagline categorizes a form as "nonstandard." Mortgages originated on nonstandard forms are not eligible for sale to Freddie Mac unless a Seller's Purchase Documents provide for the purchase of such Mortgages.

Freddie Mac does allow the placement of company information and/or the insertion of a customized tagline in the footer of the form, below the Agency tagline.

Authorized Changes

The authorized change pages are provided in word processing format. Originators should use Microsoft Word 6.0/95 or higher (or compatible word processing software) when accessing the documents provided on this website.

If you experience any difficulties opening the forms provided on this website, please refer to question 14 on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please direct Uniform Instrument related questions or comments to the Uniform Instrument Mailbox:

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