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News & Updates

December 2018

Removed Authorized Changes to MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) page

Freddie Mac has deleted the optional requirement to update the “DEFINITIONS” paragraph related to the book/volume number. Upon further analysis, we determined the authorized change to replace the book/volume number with the document number is not necessary. We have deleted the page for authorized changes to MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine).


Updated MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) and the Authorized Changes to MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine)

Freddie Mac has revised the definition of mortgage in the MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) (Form 3749) and the Authorized Changes to MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) were updated to reflect these changes.

The revised MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) tagline will show a version date of (Form 3749 8/17 (rev. 10/18)).

Revised Louisiana Mortgage

The Louisiana Mortgage (Form 3019) has been updated with an administrative clarification.

The revised Louisiana Mortgage will show a version date of (Form 3019 1/01 (rev. 10/18)).

Please note the Spanish translation has not been revised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note Freddie Mac has added a new Frequently Asked Question numbered 19. How do I record the MERS Mortgage Assignment (Maine) Form 3749, along with the standard Maine Mortgage (Form 3020)?  All Frequently Asked Questions are currently posted on our website and can be found at:

Revisions to List of Single-Family Uniform Instruments

The Single-Family Uniform Instruments list has been updated. A detailed list of all of the Single-Family Uniform Instruments currently provided by Freddie Mac is posted on our website at:


Updated Spanish Texas Constitutional Amendments For Home Equity Lending

The Texas Home Equity Uniform Instruments Spanish translations have been updated to reflect changes made to Forms 3044.1, 3244.1 and 3522.44.

Spanish translations will show a version date of 1/18.

New Authorized Changes to Maine MERS Mortgage Assignment

Freddie Mac has added an optional recording requirement for the Maine MERS Mortgage Assignment. Originators may revise the second paragraph under "DEFINITIONS" to include recording information for the mortgage being assigned, such as the document number or book/volume and page number, if such information is available. 

Please direct Uniform Instrument related questions or comments to the Uniform Instrument Mailbox:

Inquiries relating to other topics should be submitted using the Contact Us feature on

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