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News & Updates

April 2014

Use of MERS Rider

Freddie Mac has created a new joint MERS® Rider (Form 3158), available as a uniform instrument. Due to recent legal developments in the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington, we are requiring MERS® Rider be attached to the Security Instruments in these states for newly originated mortgage loans that will be registered with MERS®.  The new MERS® Rider must be used in the three states no later than October 15, 2014, but may be used beginning immediately.

The MERS® Rider tagline will show a version date of (Form 3158 04/14).

Please note:  In Montana, Oregon and Washington, subsequent assignment into MERS® is prohibited.

Updated Authorized Changes for MERS

The authorized changes for MERS has been updated to include authorized changes to related to the use of the MERS® Rider (Form 3158) in the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington because the MERS® Rider replaces the previous authorized changes for these states.

Until October 15, 2014, in lieu of the MERS Rider, originators may continue to use the MERS® Sample Security Instruments in Montana, Oregon and Washington.

On or after October 15, 2014, originators must use the MERS Rider, (Form 3158).

Revisions to List of Single-Family Uniform Instruments

The Single-Family Uniform Instruments list has been updated to incorporate MERS® Rider (Form 3158).  A detailed list of all of the Single-Family Uniform Instruments currently provided by Freddie Mac is posted on our website at:

Please direct Uniform Instrument related questions or comments to the Uniform Instrument Mailbox:

Inquiries relating to other topics should be submitted using the Contact Us feature on

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