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News & Updates

June 2014

Revisions To Authorized Changes Page For Security Instruments

As a result of a change in law for Virginia, the deeds of trust trustee's principal office is no longer required to have the principal office within the state of Virginia. Freddie Mac has added a permitted authorize change to the definition of "Trustee".

Revisions To Authorized Changes to Security Instrument for MERS

Freddie Mas has revised the New York MERS Security Instrument to be consistent with our other MERS requirements.

In addition, the MERS Sample Page for New York (Form 3033 1/01 (rev. 12/10)) has been updated.

April 2014

Use of MERS Rider

Freddie Mac has created a new joint MERS® Rider (Form 3158), available as a uniform instrument. Due to recent legal developments in the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington, we are requiring MERS® Rider be attached to the Security Instruments in these states for newly originated mortgage loans that will be registered with MERS®.  The new MERS® Rider must be used in the three states no later than October 15, 2014, but may be used beginning immediately.

The MERS® Rider tagline will show a version date of (Form 3158 04/14).

Please note:  In Montana, Oregon and Washington, subsequent assignment into MERS® is prohibited.

Updated Authorized Changes for MERS

The authorized changes for MERS has been updated to include authorized changes to related to the use of the MERS® Rider (Form 3158) in the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington because the MERS® Rider replaces the previous authorized changes for these states.

Until October 15, 2014, in lieu of the MERS Rider, originators may continue to use the MERS® Sample Security Instruments in Montana, Oregon and Washington.  

On or after October 15, 2014, originators must use the MERS Rider, (Form 3158).

Revisions to List of Single-Family Uniform Instruments

The Single-Family Uniform Instruments list has been updated to incorporate MERS® Rider (Form 3158).  A detailed list of all of the Single-Family Uniform Instruments currently provided by Freddie Mac is posted on our website at:

Updated Authorized Changes to Property Type Riders

Freddie Mac has removed the requirement for rent loss insurance when the property is a 2- to 4-unit Primary Residence.  As a result of this change, we added a permitted change to the 1-4 Family Rider, Form 3170.  If the mortgaged Premises is a 2- to 4-unit Primary Residence, originators must delete Paragraph D (Rent Loss Coverage) from the 1-4 Family Rider.

Please direct Uniform Instrument related questions or comments to the Uniform Instrument Mailbox:

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