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Executable Spanish/English Uniform Residential Loan Application

Freddie Mac makes available executable Spanish/English version of the Uniform Residential Loan Application (Form 65S) and Statement of Assets and Liabilities (Form 65AS). Loan originators may begin using these forms immediately.

Updated Authorized Changes to Property Type Riders

Freddie Mac has added an authorized change to the Multistate 1-4 Family Rider (Form 3170).  When using the 1-4 Family Rider, originators may delete Section E. "Borrower's Right to Reinstate" Deleted.


Using MERS for Properties in MAINE

Seller/Servicers are advised that steps are being taken to suspend use of the “MERS as Original Mortgagee” authorized change to the Maine security instrument (Form 3020).  When these steps are completed, including a clarifying revision to the MERS System Rules of Membership, any new mortgage lien on property in Maine will need to be recorded in the lender’s name only and assigned to MERS utilizing a specified Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgage assignment form if that mortgage is to be registered in the MERS System. Failure to execute and record the specified assignment to MERS will render the MERS-registered loan in Maine ineligible for sale to Freddie Mac. 

After Freddie Mac announces the new documentation requirements for MERS loans in Maine, Seller/Servicers will be given an appropriate implementation period before the requirements become mandatory.

These steps are being taken in response to judicial developments in Maine challenging the use of MERS as nominee for a lender and lender's assigns, and due to the absence of a legislative remedy that addresses prospective foreclosures and other mortgage-related enforcement actions.


Frequently Asked Questions

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