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Mortgage Fraud

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Important Update

October 28, 2015 – In Guide Bulletin 2015-19, we're lowering thresholds for notifying us of fraud or other suspicious activity, from more than 25 mortgages and/or an unpaid principal balance (UPB) of $2.5 million to five mortgages and/or a UPB of $1 million. Since current fraud schemes are smaller in scope, lowering these thresholds will help identify fraud schemes earlier.

Freddie Mac is committed to helping the mortgage industry fight fraud, and our Financial Fraud Investigation Unit (FFIU) is at the forefront of our mortgage fraud prevention efforts. One such fraud prevention effort are new Freddie Mac mortgage fraud reporting forms – one for origination-related fraud, and the other for servicing-related fraud. As detailed in Guide Chapters 7 and 57, these forms are to be used to report fraud or possible fraud to Freddie Mac:

Please email the complete form to In addition to using the fraud reporting forms, you may contact Freddie Mac regarding fraud in the following ways:


Fraud Prevention Resources

Visit our Fraud Prevention Resources Web page to take advantage of our Mortgage Fraud Prevention Toolkit, best practices, mortgage fraud articles, and training opportunities.

About the Financial Fraud Investigation Unit

Established in 1989, the FFIU is responsible for the prevention, detection, investigation, and resolution of mortgage fraud. In addition to our core responsibilities, the FFIU's job duties entail:

  • Assisting law enforcement with criminal investigations and making referrals to state licensing and regulatory boards.
  • Participating in national, regional, and industry mortgage fraud task forces.
  • Providing training to the FBI, state regulators, lenders, and Freddie Mac employees.
  • Participating in various speaking forums to discuss fraud trends and anti-fraud strategies.

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