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Servicing Success Program

The Servicer Performance Profile details how well your organization's performance meets Freddie Mac's servicing guidelines.

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Service Loans Application

Service Loans application is the primary gateway into Freddie Mac for investor, including default, reporting functions.

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Workout Prospector®

Workout Prospector allows you to analyze and deliver modifications under HAMP and other alternatives to foreclosure.

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Workout Settlements

The Workout Settlements website guides you through the automated settlement process for each workout type from start to finish.

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Servicing Technology Tools

Online Access to a Wide Range of Powerful Servicing Tools

Our tools make servicing Freddie Mac loans easier, and many can assist Servicers with helping borrowers sustain homeownership. If you’re a new user, you must sign up to access the Freddie Mac Service Loans application. Visit the Service Loans Application Resource Center for all the information you need to begin using the application. Additionally, you must sign up for access to the technology tools below and complete the required additional forms for the other tools you need.

To learn more, take the Servicing Technology Tools training, print the fact sheet, contact a servicing representative or call 800-FREDDIE.

Investor and Default Reporting

Default Management

  • Imminent Default Indicator® is required to make a determination of imminent default when evaluating a borrower for the Home Affordable Modification program® (HAMP) and the Freddie Mac Standard Modification. Login
  • Workout Prospector® allows you to analyze and deliver modifications under HAMP and other alternatives to foreclosure, receive automatic property valuations, receive reports, and access specific loan information from our database. Login
  • Workout Manager® helps you spot instances where a workout has been unduly delayed and where your workout specialist might need more guidance to complete a workout arrangement. Login
  • Timeline ManagerSM contains loan-level detail for mortgages past or approaching Freddie Mac time standards for each stage of the delinquent loan management process. Login
  • Default Reporting ManagerSM allows you to view, analyze, and monitor Electronic Default Reporting (EDR) reports from your desktop and helps you monitor, validate and update your foreclosure sale reporting processes. Login
  • Default Fee Appeal System allows you to submit appeals for State foreclosure timeline compensatory fees and late foreclosure sale reporting compensatory fees. Login
  • Reimbursement System makes it easier to file and obtain reimbursement for your default management expenses all in one location. Login
  • REO Manager® gives you information about the status of your Freddie Mac real estate owned (REO) portfolio and about specific REO properties. Login

Portfolio Management

  • The Servicer Performance Program, including the Servicer Performance Profile, details how well your organization's performance meets Freddie Mac's servicing guidelines. Login
  • Incentive ManagerSM conveniently tracks your workout incentive payments as they are earned over a calendar year. Login
  • Remedy ManagerSM enables you to see the current status of your quality control repurchase and indemnification requests, the reason Freddie Mac issued the request, due date of funds, and more. Login
  • Loan Coverage Advisor® calculates, tracks and publishes the representation and warranty status of loans. Login

Additional Forms for Tool Access

Investor Reporting

Here you'll find the information and resources you need to improve investor reporting accuracy and keep your Freddie Mac portfolio on track.

When you service loans for Freddie Mac, you'll perform the following investor accounting activities:

  • Report principal and interest collection activity for each mortgage on a monthly basis.
  • Remit funds due to Freddie Mac.
  • Resolve reporting and remitting discrepancies.
  • Reconcile your Freddie Mac custodial accounts.

As always, your Freddie Mac Loan Portfolio Specialist is available to work with you on investor reporting and remitting, custodial account reconciliation, special loan processing, and loan data integrity.

May/June 2016 Spotlight – What to Remember for Balance Correction Requests Greater than $3,000.00

May/June 2016 Spotlight – What to Remember for Balance Correction Requests Greater than $3,000.00

A balance correction is needed when the ending gross unpaid principal balance (UPB) is higher than the beginning gross UPB previously reported to Freddie Mac. We refer to this as a negative principal reduction (NEG PR). Balance correction requests greater than $3,000 require Freddie Mac approval.

To obtain this approval, fill out the NEG PR template and return the completed template to your Investor Reporting representative no later than the 5th business day after the accounting cutoff. When requesting balance corrections, please describe in detail why the balance correction is needed. Contact your Investor Reporting representative to get a copy of the template.

Required Documentation. Please include a copy of:

  • The draft, check or payment form with your NEG PR request. 
  • The loan history, which is always required for a NEG PR request, due to the misapplication of capitalized interest, escrow funds, incorrect borrower's loan, and different borrower's loan.
  • The loan history, displaying the application and reversal of payment, for a NEG PR request >25K.

3 Tips to Limit NEG PR Request Delays

  • Fill out the NEG PR template in its entirety.
  • Include minimum supporting documentation with your request.
  • Add supportive documentation to help Freddie Mac review your request efficiently.

Spotlight Archive

Investor Reporting Training and Resources

Investor Reporting Technology

  • Service Loans Application: The Service Loans application is the primary gateway into Freddie Mac for investor, including default, reporting functions.
  • Servicer Performance Profile: The Servicer Performance Profile details how well your organization's performance meets Freddie Mac's servicing guidelines.
  • Remedy ManagerSM: Remedy Manager enables you to see the current status of your quality control repurchase and indemnification requests, the reason Freddie Mac issued the request, due date of funds, and more.

Default Management

Helping Borrowers in Default

As the market and servicing landscape continue to change, you play an increasingly critical role helping borrowers succeed as long-term homeowners.


    • Home Affordable Modification program. This alternative to foreclosure is part of the federal Making Home Affordable Plan that is being implemented by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This program offers a simplified process and uniform documents to allow you to help more at-risk borrowers.

    • Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives initiative. This foreclosure alternative strives to help borrowers with mortgages owned by Freddie Mac who do not qualify for or complete HAMP or other home retention options under Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide Chapter 9204 transition to more affordable housing and avoid foreclosure.

    • Freddie Mac Standard Modification. This non-HAMP modification provides at-risk borrowers with an option to achieve affordable mortgage payments. A core component of the Servicing Alignment Initiative, this modification creates a sustainable modified payment by reducing the borrower's principal and interest payments by at least 10 percent.

    • Freddie Mac Streamlined Modification. This non-HAMP modification has the same modification terms and Servicer incentives as the Standard Modification. However, the Streamlined Modification is intended for borrowers who are at least 90 days but not more than 720 days delinquent on their mortgage payments, has slightly different eligibility/ineligibility requirements, and offers a faster modification process.

    • Freddie Mac MyCity Modification. This temporary offering was developed at the direction of the Federal Housing Finance Agency to help stabilize communities that have been hardest hit by the housing crisis. The MyCity Modification provides eligible borrowers with up to a 60% reduction in their monthly principal and interest payments.

  • Unemployment Forbearance. Short-term unemployment forbearance and extended unemployment forbearance are two relief options that help borrowers experiencing a financial hardship due to unemployment. You may suspend or reduce an eligible borrower's mortgage payments for a period of six months, with the possibility of an extended unemployment forbearance period, if needed.


    • Freddie Mac Standard Short Sale. The Standard Short Sale offers an efficient process to assist distressed homeowners transition into more affordable housing when home retention is not a viable solution as a way to avoid foreclosure.

  • Freddie Mac Standard Deed-in-Lieu. When a home retention option or Freddie Mac Standard Short Sale are not workable solutions for at-risk homeowners, the Freddie Mac Standard Deed-in-Lieu offers them another opportunity to avoid foreclosure.


  • Avoiding Foreclosure Resource Center. The resource center provides one-stop shopping for those who interface with consumers - especially the Sellers, Servicers, and community-based organizations working in neighborhoods every day helping homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Other Resources

    • Workout Settlements. This is your one-stop-shop to learn about the workout settlement process. It consolidates all the available resources and tools so you know what is required to settle each particular type of workout.

    • HFA Mortgage Assistance Programs. With funding from the Innovation Fund for the Hardest Hit Housing Markets, participating HFAs will provide temporary financial assistance to eligible borrowers with options that help them make their monthly mortgage payments, reinstate their mortgage, or qualify for a modification.

    • Military relief options for service members. You have several ways to offer relief for servicemembers on active federal or state duty through the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Freddie Mac's own policies.

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In January 2013, the CFPB issued final rules impacting the mortgage market by implementing provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae worked together to align requirements in response to some of the CFPB rules.

Disaster Relief Policies

Freddie Mac is committed to providing assistance to borrowers – especially when their homes have been impacted by disaster-related events. We are prepared to quickly respond with effective relief measures to help borrowers and guidance for Sellers and Servicers in the aftermath of a disaster.

When a disaster strikes, borrowers whose homes have been damaged may experience disruptions in their ability to make on-time mortgage payments. Therefore, we require Freddie Mac Sellers and Servicers to be responsive to any requests for assistance from affected borrowers using options available through our Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide).

In addition to assisting borrowers who are disaster victims, Servicers must begin determining the disaster's impact on the mortgaged properties. Sellers should review the Guide and their procedures for inspecting and recertifying a mortgaged property's value, condition, and marketability when a major disaster occurs. Most importantly, we rely on both Sellers and Servicers to determine the number of impacted properties and the extent of damage to each.

Freddie Mac Policies for Major Disaster Declarations

When disaster strikes and causes extensive damage, the President of the United States may issue a Major Disaster Declaration for certain localities and authorize federal Individual Assistance programs for affected individuals and households.

In the event a declaration is made, Sellers and Servicers should follow these steps:

Identify the Localities Designated in the Major Disaster Declaration

To find a list of eligible counties, parishes, and municipalities, visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Web site .

Look for Special Freddie Mac Announcements

Freddie Mac may make special announcements through press releases, Industry Letters/Guide Bulletins, and the Single-Family News Center.

Consult Guide Chapter 8404 for Disaster Policies

To assist borrowers with Freddie Mac-owned mortgages who reside in the designated areas, Servicers must immediately begin following the disaster relief requirements outlined in Guide Chapter 8404, which include:

  • Placing an impacted borrower, based upon the Servicer’s discretion, into a short-term forbearance plan by assessing the extent of the property damage and the financial impact to the borrower as a result of the Eligible Disaster.
  • Not assessing late charges for, or reporting to credit repositories, impacted borrowers who, as a result of an Eligible Disaster, have been placed on a forbearance plan or who are paying as agreed on a Trial Period Plan or repayment plan.
  • Providing transition assistance from the forbearance plan due to an Eligible Disaster into an appropriate relief or workout option to cure the delinquency.
  • Providing requirements to evaluate borrowers who were performing on a Trial Period Plan prior to the Eligible Disaster with the opportunity to transition into another Trial Period Plan at the end of the forbearance period.
  • Providing information regarding options for local, state, or federal disaster assistance.
  • Providing additional assistance for borrowers who were current or less than 31 days delinquent at the time of the disaster, such as the Capitalization and Extension for Disaster Relief Modification (“Disaster Relief Modification”) and special requirements for the Streamlined Modification.
  • Permitting Servicers to use their discretion in the release of insurance funds to borrowers who are less than 31 days delinquent at the time of a disaster and have suffered less than a total or near total loss to help expedite repairs.

Review Special Requirements for Borrowers Impacted by an Eligible Disaster

Determine if borrowers are eligible for the Disaster Relief Modification, which:
  • Is designed for borrowers whose hardship resulted from an Eligible Disaster and who are able to resume making their pre-disaster mortgage payment, but who are unable to reinstate the mortgage or cure the delinquency with a traditional repayment plan.
  • Provides a modification that extends the term of the mortgage only as necessary to get the borrower to a monthly payment that is equal to, or slightly less than, their existing payment. Eligible borrowers must complete a Trial Period Plan. For more information on the Disaster Relief Modification and Eligible Disasters, please refer to Bulletin 2013-15.
  • See Guide Section 9206.4 to learn more about the Disaster Relief Modification.

There are many available relief options for borrowers who were current or less than 31 days delinquent at the time of disaster:

  • Review Guide Chapters 9204, Workout Options, most notably the Streamlined Modification, and 9502, Home Affordable Modification Program, Trial Period Plan Eligibility.

Refer to Guide Exhibit 52 for Assistance Programs

Guide Exhibit 52 details information regarding FEMA, Small Business Administration, and Federal Housing Administration assistance programs for residents of areas designated in a Major Disaster Declaration . These assistance programs are designed to supplement state or local aid that may be offered.

Review the Guide for Seller Responsibilities

Sellers should:
  • Be prepared to address property damage as a result of a disaster, per Guide Section 5601.2(c).
  • Review Guide Section 4201.13 about circumstances that adversely affect the value of a mortgage, including condemnation.
  • Review Guide Section 5601.2(a), which requires Sellers to warrant that improvements must be undamaged by fire, windstorm, and other perils.

Review Information on Insurance Loss Settlements after an Eligible Disaster

  • For borrowers who were less than 31 days delinquent at the time of the Eligible Disaster, Servicers are required to release insurance funds in accordance with the requirements of Guide Section 8404.3 to help expedite property repairs.
  • For borrowers who were 31 or more days delinquent at the time of the Eligible Disaster, Servicers are required to release insurance funds in accordance with the requirements of Guide Section 8202.11.
  • Insurance loss settlements that are intended for non-structural losses must be released to the borrower without delay.

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Help & Training

Whether you're new to servicing Freddie Mac mortgages, or already an experienced Freddie Mac Servicer, you will find solutions that meet all your education needs here.

Servicing: Training and Resources

Select a topic below for self-serve resources such as training, quick references, and other information.

Descriptions of all Underwriting resources for training and education are available in this comprehensive, easy-to-print references:

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Investor Accounting: Resolving Loan-Level Edits $0.00 07/13/16 10:00AM-12:00PM ET Web Conference Register
Effectively Managing Your Foreclosure Portfolio $0.00 07/14/16 10:00AM-12:00PM ET Web Conference Register
Freddie Mac Standard Short Sale $0.00 07/19/16 10:00AM-12:00PM ET Web Conference Register
Freddie Mac Streamlined Modification Program $0.00 07/21/16 10:00AM-12:30PM ET Web Conference Register
Freddie Mac Standard Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure $0.00 07/26/16 10:00AM-12:00PM ET Web Conference Register
P&I Custodial Account Variances $0.00 07/26/16 1:30PM-3:30PM ET Web Conference Register
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