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We’re a better company
more efficient and innovative in serving homebuyers, renters, our customers and taxpayers

A Stronger Company

Over the last year...

We provided
$422 billion
in funding to the mortgage market

of homeowners are current on their mortgage

We reported
$7.2 billion
in net income

We’ve returned $112.4 billion to taxpayers, nearly 60% more than we received from the U.S. Treasury.

"Freddie Mac's transformation continued in the second quarter, with good business results and good financial performance, providing the foundation to effectively deliver on its mission and improve America's housing finance system."

CEO Donald H. Layton, July 31, 2018

Since 1970, we've made home possible nearly
78 million times.

A Better Housing Finance System

We've transferred a portion of the credit risk on
$1 trillion
of residential mortgages

The Single Security will pave the way for a
$3.5 trillion
TBA MBS market in 2019

Our investment in the Common Securitization Platform will standardize agency MBS issuance and management

Transferring Risk Away from Taxpayers

We're the leading innovator in programs that shift credit risk to private investors and shield America's taxpayers.

Video: A Shared Passion

Since our credit risk transfer program began in 2009, we've added new products to meet the increasing demand, from over 800 investors.

Creating Opportunities for the Industry

Solutions for Homebuyers

Over the last year...

We helped
first-time homebuyers achieve the American Dream

We helped nearly
families refinance and save money

We expanded our 3% down payment
program, broadening access for first-time buyers

Solutions for Renters

Over the last year...

Our funding helped make 830,000 apartment units available nationwide

vast majority of the apartments we finance are affordable to moderate- and low-income renters

Our Targeted Affordable Housing program provided
$9.5 billion

to support housing for renters with the greatest need

We’re Proud to be Part of the Industry


We're dedicated to automation and innovation that bring more efficiencies to the housing market.


We're focused and investing in technology that's lowering costs across the housing industry, while helping to serve more families.


We're committed to serving the industry by building a better and more sound housing finance system.


We're working closely with our customers to meet their needs and help them remain strong and competitive.