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Homeownership 67 million reasons we work together every day

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Tips for Combating Mortgage Fraud

Thanks to tighter credit standards and increased regulation, reports of mortgage fraud dropped to historic lows following the financial crisis. Today, though, the rate appears to be increasing and criminals are trying new scams.

Robb Hagberg
Robb Hagberg
Senior Director of Single-Family Fraud Risk

Homeownership: Beyond the Mortgage

The financial obligations of owning a home are more than just paying the mortgage. Similar to owning a car, your home will need regular upkeep to keep it safe and in great shape.

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Over $200 Billion in K-Deals and SB-Deals

Since the program began in 2009:

  • The vast majority of first-loss credit risk on $200 billion in loans shifted away from taxpayers
  • 590 unique K-Deal and SB-Deal investors from around the world
  • Virtually 0 credit losses
  • About 2.7 million apartment homes made possible

Housing Remains a Bright Spot for Economy

Outlook | Jun 23, 2017

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Life is an adventure and home is your base of operations

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