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Stay informed

January 21, 2016

Down Payment Assistance

Dispel the myth about 20% down payments and refer clients to sources they may tap to fill a down payment or closing cost gap.


Homebuying Season

March 31, 2016

Homebuying Season

Looking for resources to help green up your sales? Find new housing reports, networking events, blog posts, tutorials and more.


Housing Market Insights

May 25, 2016

Housing Market Insights

Enhance your role as a knowledge source. Meet Tony Hutchinson – your connection to housing market insights.


55 Plus Says

August 11, 2016

55+ Survey Says.

A major selling opportunity could be waiting in the wings for you. Eighteen million of them.


6 Daily Musts

October 3, 2016

6 Daily "Musts"

Build these 6 daily "musts" into your routine to help your real estate sales grow and prosper.


3 Reasons to Visit Us at the REALTORS Expo

October 25, 2016

3 Reasons to Visit Us at the REALTORS® Expo

Going to this year's REALTORS® Expo? Visit Freddie Mac Booth #1285 and let us show you the 3 ways we're helping clear the path to homeownership for your clients.


Freddie Mac Borrower Help Centers

December 8, 2016

Mortgage-Ready Clients

A referral source for mortgage-ready clients AND a resource for your not-so-ready clients all in one? You've got it.


Survey Reveals Top Strengths and Challenges for Real Estate Professionals

February 23, 2017

Survey Reveals Top Strengths and Challenges for Real Estate Professionals

How do you view your role as a real estate professional? What are your greatest strengths? What are the top challenges to growing your business? Get the survey results here.


More Referrals

March 21, 2017

Key to More Referrals

Unlock the door to more referrals by using down payment assistance as your key. Get the facts, find area programs and see if your clients qualify.


Build Millenial Clientele

May 24, 2017

Help Millennials Become Homebuyers

Transform Millennial window shoppers into homebuyers – and watch your sales grow.


No Credit Score Home is Still Possible

June 29, 2017

No Credit Score? Home is Still Possible!

Can clients without a credit score get a mortgage? It's possible – and there are approximately 40 million* reasons why you'll want to learn more.

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