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Is 2020 Your Year to Refinance?

The trifecta of interest-rate cuts in 2019 boded well for homeowners looking to refinance. Does it make sense for you?

super bowl housing trends

Super Bowl Housing Trends

We're looking at the housing data for the cities participating in Super Bowl LIV.

stack of wooden balls

Budgeting for Homeownership

To calculate your monthly spending, consider the following.

Who Does What?

Each member of your homebuying team will perform different, but complementary roles.

2019 was a great year for housing

A Great Year for Housing

We're breaking down the housing market's latest trip around the sun.

Decoding the Housing Market: image of a house build with wooden puzzle pieces

Decoding the Housing Market

You're likely to encounter these terms when you look up mortgage rates or hear people discuss the "housing outlook".

5 Tips for Mobile House Hunting

Can apps simplify the search for your next home?

A Look Ahead: The Housing Market in 2020

With low interest rates, modest inflation and a solid labor market, there are many reasons to be optimistic about housing in the coming year.

Woman viewing listing photos on her cellphone

Stop Homebuyers in Their Scroll

Learn the importance of listing photos when selling a home.

Women writing a homebuying list in a notebook on a table full of holiday decorations

Making a [Homebuying] List, Checking it Twice.

Use our homebuying checklist if you're looking to become a homeowner in the new year.

Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

Unwrap these tips for selling your home during the holidays.

Image of a manufactured house

In the Know: Manufactured Homes

For many, the term "manufactured housing" doesn’t conjure images of spacious and updated homes, but perhaps it should.