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  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Help is available for many homebuyers looking for a mortgage with a low down payment. That's just one of the stories we've corralled for this week's headline roundup.

  • Don't be Spoofed

    It's spooky out there. Keep yourself and your information safe and secure — don't be spoofed! National Cyber Security Awareness month is a good time to reflect and take some steps to become more cyber savvy.

  • Myth vs. Fact Quiz

    Over the last few months we've been dispelling the top two myths on everything from down payments to renting. See how well you know the facts in today's quiz.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    If you're thinking of buying, mortgage rates are still near their record lows. Check out our weekly headline roundup for that story and more.

  • Do You Know Your Energy?

    Knowing the facts about energy consumption and conservation is important for all families as the U.S. continues to advance its efforts to conserve. We've hand picked some important facts: do you know your energy?

  • In Your Community

    This month, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our October volunteer Serve initiative — 31 days where Freddie Mac employees and our nonprofit partners unite to give back and support the communities where we live and work.

  • 5 Tips for Renters

    Here's vital information to help you compete for an apartment in today's rental market and also protect your rights, interests, and security deposit when you get ready to sign the lease.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    No time this week to check out the notable housing news? Not to worry — we've done the work for you.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Home Inspections

    Home inspections are so important because they give you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the home with a professional before you spend any of your hard-earned money to buy it. Because of this, today we're tackling the two biggest myths.

  • Average Apartment Size Shrinks 7%

    The size of the average new American apartment is off about 7 percent since 2009, says a new analysis from RCLCO, a real estate consulting group based in Bethesda, MD.

  • Freddie Mac: A 2016 Top Company for Working Moms

    For the 12th time, Working Mother magazine today named Freddie Mac a top company for working moms.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    How does student loan debt affect economic mobility? A new study has some answers. Read on for that and other stories from our weekly list of housing highlights.

  • Are You the Brightest Bulb?

    When it comes to saving energy in the home, we all like to think we know a thing or two. How plugged in are you? Let's find out with this Energy IQ quiz.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Renting

    Approximately one-third of Americans rent their homes, both by choice and because of financial ability. If you're one of them or thinking about renting, today we're debunking the top two myths.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    See the 25 markets where the cost of renting a home is rising fastest. You'll find that story - and others - in our roundup of some of the week's most noteworthy housing news.

  • Energy Costs Across the Country: The Highs, The Lows

    Monthly energy costs can vary wildly from state-to-state, with some states seeing nearly double the cost as others. And it's not just about low energy prices, it's about consumption. See how the states stack up.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Qualifying for a Mortgage

    Confused about what it takes to get a mortgage in today's market? Here are the facts to dispel the two biggest myths about qualifying for one.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Mortgage rates are down and refinance activity is going strong. Check out our weekly news roundup for that story and more.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Down Payments

    Down payment requirements are one of the biggest misconceptions in the market. Today we're debunking the top 2 myths.

  • Avoiding Repair Scams After a Disaster

    Fraud artists who show up after disasters promise quick, quality repairs but then overcharge, do shoddy work, or skip town with the insurance money before the job is done. Here's how to protect yourself.

  • Making an Offer: Getting Started

    You've found the perfect home and you're ready to make an offer. Where should you start? The first step is understanding what you can afford.

  • Celebrating Labor Day

    Labor Day is more than just a long-weekend and the start of a new school year. It's a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our country.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Lots of thought-provoking media coverage this week to get you through the holiday weekend. Read on for a list of some of the stories that caught our eye.

  • 4 Reasons to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    It's not just about lower utility bills. Learn about all the reasons that drive today's homebuyers and homeowners to be green at home.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Mortgage Refinancing

    Today's mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. So if you've been on the fence about whether to refi, this may be the time. Today we're dispelling the top two myths about refinancing.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Where is it easiest to get a mortgage? That story from CNBC is just one of this week's most interesting housing headlines.

  • Good News for HARP: More Time, Low Rates

    HARP, one of the most successful crisis-era programs for homeowners has been extended to September 30, 2017. If you haven't acted yet, you now have more time to take advantage of today's low rates.

  • Sales on Track Despite Limited Housing Stock & Rising House Prices

    How are home sales looking now that we're more than half way through 2016?

  • Green? Or Just a Shade of Green?

    If you're in the market to buy an energy-efficient home, take note of a practice called 'greenwashing' that may oversell the true 'green.' Is it really energy-efficient or are you being misled by a mere lightbulb?

  • Myth vs. Fact: 3% Down Mortgage

    Not sure you qualify for our 3% down mortgage? Today we're dispelling the top two myths about what it takes.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    No shortage of media focus this week on Millennials. To see why, check out our weekly collection of some of the most interesting housing headlines.

  • Myth vs. Fact: PMI

    Confused about PMI? You're not alone. So today we're dispelling the top two myths.

  • Knowledge is Power. Really.

    One of the first steps for saving on your utility bills is to determine how much energy your appliances use. What trumps what — the computer, dishwasher or clothes dryer — for making your bills soar? Find out.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    In the news this week, the housing market continues its recovery — but are some people being left behind? You'll find that coverage and more in our roundup.

  • 15 Low-Cost Money-Saving Energy Tips: You've Got the Power

    The typical U.S. family spends at least $2,200 a year on home utility bills. These bills are a part of life, however many don't realize the power they have to cut this figure by up to 25%. Find out how and start saving today.

  • 3.4 Million Homeowners Have Saved Big $$$ Through HARP. Could You?

    If you're underwater on your mortgage and could use extra cash in your wallet, call your lender today and ask if HARP can help you.

  • Giving Rentals a Green Advantage(sm) for Working Families

    Freddie Mac Multifamily's Green Advantage is a better way to harness the value that energy and water efficiency can bring to multifamily projects (lower utilities and operating costs), the working families who rent them (lower individual utility bills), and the environment where we all live.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Which housing stories captured the headlines this week? No need to guess - we've rounded up some of the most interesting for you.

  • Would You Pass This Quiz?

    Understanding and keeping a handle on your finances and credit history is essential. To gauge the American public's financial knowledge and decision-making skills, the National Financial Capability Study includes a 5-question test. Find out how you stack up: Take the test now.

  • Going Green: Tax Credits & Rebates

    In the market to make energy-efficient improvements to your home? Be sure to check out federal tax credits and product rebates from your state and local governments and utility company to help offset your up front costs.

  • Moving Housing Forward

    Our progress in becoming a more competitive company continues to move housing forward.

  • Chris Boyle Wins HousingWire Women of Influence Kudos

    Congratulations to Chris Boyle, Freddie Mac Single-Family SVP of Sales & Relationship Management, for being recognized among the housing industry's top 'Women of Influence' by HousingWire.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    Whether you're buying or selling, younger or older, new-house hunting, condo shopping or renting, there's housing news of note this week for you. Check out our collection of headlines.

  • Six Down, Six to Go

    We're essentially half way through 2016. So how are homes sales doing?

  • Freddie Mac Multifamily: Innovation in San Francisco

    Here's what it took to keep 1400 apartments in 15 buildings affordable to seniors and low-income families in San Francisco.

  • Financing Your Green: Three Critical Questions to Ask

    If you're looking to finance energy efficient improvements for your home, your first step is to get educated on today's programs to avoid financial pitfalls in the future. Dig in and get clear answers to your questions.

  • This Week's Housing Headlines

    It's been a low-key week on the housing front, but we've still managed to dig through the headlines and find stories that matter. Check out our weekly summary.

  • Expect the Unexpected Housing Choices in Retirement

    The way renters age 55 and older predict they'll spend their retirement years can be quite different from what they actually experience, according to the Freddie Mac 55+ Survey findings.

  • Faces of HARP Success

    Homeowners nationwide continue to reap significant savings by refinancing through the HARP, with an average savings of $2,400 per year. HARP expires at the end of this year - don't let the savings window close on you.

  • Multifamily: Innovation is Happening

    The first half of 2016 was a showcase of creative solutions, out-of-the-box thinking, strong relationship building, and tangible business results. Here are just a few examples of how Freddie Mac Multifamily has been moving rental housing forward since January.