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  • Housing Counselors Make Home Possible

    Buying a home can be intimidating - if you're not sure how to get started, consider working with an experienced housing counselor.

  • Making Home Possible

    We're proud to be part of the industry that helps turn dreams into reality for people like first-time homebuyer Patrick Mineo of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  • Memory Lane: Spring Homebuying

    That's a wrap! Test your knowledge in our homebuying quiz to see what you've learn this spring.

  • Cruise Control: Settling into Homeownership

    You purchased your dream home and you're a homeowner. Now what?

  • Amortization: Filling Up Your Tank

    Learn how this important table serves as the financial fuel gauge of your mortgage.

  • Last Stop: Closing Day

    Your destination is on the horizon and it's time to close the deal. Here's what to expect on closing day.

  • Making Your Offer: No U-turns

    You’re moving full speed ahead and preparing to make an offer on your dream home. Here's what you need to know.

  • Beginner's Guide to Home Equity

    What is equity and how can you build it?

  • Stuck at a Crossroads? How to Find the Right Home

    There are many different routes you can take on your journey to homeownership, how do you decide which home is right for you?

  • Pit Stop: Time to Test Your Knowledge

    You're half-way through the homebuying road trip. Let's take a quick break to see what you've learned so far.

  • Interest Rates: How to Navigate the Roads Ahead

    Lenders set interest rates based on several factors- here's what steps you can take to secure the best rate possible.

  • Know About Mortgages Before You Go

    Which mortgage product is best for you?

  • Budgeting for Your Journey: Part II

    Now is when the rubber meets the road, finalizing your loan and preparing for your monthly mortgage payments.

  • Budgeting for Your Journey

    Budgeting for your journey is never as much fun as the trip itself, but it's a critical part of the ride.

  • Gas Up for Your Down Payment

    Be sure you have the right tools when thinking about your down payment.

  • Pre-approval Letter: Passport to Homeownership

    What is a pre-approval letter and how do you get one?

  • Map It Out: The Homebuying Timeline

    Before you hit the road, you should be able to answer the question: what are the steps in the homebuying process?

  • Co-Pilot(s): Assembling your Team

    There are many people involved in your homebuying journey, and having the right people along for the ride can help navigate through the process.

  • Listen Now: Hottest Homebuying Playlist

    Playlists can make any journey more enjoyable and smooth sailing (even dancing!).

  • Spring Break or Spring Homebuying?

    This spring homebuying season we're taking you on a road trip.

  • March Madness: The Final Four Cs

    How do you get a loan? What do lenders look for? Housing's big dance happening off the basketball court.

  • Spelling It Out: Apartment Types

    Don't see the difference between a high-rise and a mid-rise? We're breaking down various types of multifamily properties you may encounter in rental housing.

  • Keep Calm and Shop On

    Spring home buying season is here, did you know shopping for a better mortgage rate could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

  • Is There a Faster Way to Be Mortgage Free?

    90% of today's homebuyers choose a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, but what if you could be mortgage free faster?

  • Pinch Me! How it Pays to be Green

    Did you know that going green can save you money?

  • Intro to Adulting: Credit Basics for Grads

    Credit 101: Before you get that diploma, check out this crash course on the ins and outs of credit.

  • New Job, New Home

    You've taken a new job in a new city- here's how to find a new place to call home during your move.

  • 3 Reasons to Love Tax Season

    There is just over a month until Tax Day 2019. If you’re expecting a refund, here's how it can bring you closer to homeownership.

  • The Tolls of Your Commute

    Today's average commute is longer than ever before, Be sure to factor in the cost of your commute, including time and money, when making your move.

  • Not Quite Over the Hill?

    Millennials are losing out to the 55+ generation when it comes to owning a home. Why?

  • Paper Chase: The Documents Involved in Renting

    Having your documents in order can save you time and energy – it might even help you save on your rent.

  • Counting Costs: Landlords, Leases and List Prices

    Before you start scoping out the perfect rental, you need to get a firm handle on your finances.

  • Road to Renting: Choose Your Route

    Is renting right for you? Over one-third of America's families rent today.

  • Crafting Your Home Security Blanket

    Whichever security measures you choose to keep your home safe, do your research so that you can be confident with the level of protection it provides.

  • Get In-The-Know About Escrow

    What is escrow and how does it affect your monthly mortgage payment?

  • Super Bowl Sunday's Home Team Advantage

    The NFL will crown a champion this Sunday at Super Bowl LIII, but the off-the-field winner was already announced way back in 2016: The city of Atlanta.

  • Open Season: House Hunting with Kids

    Before you begin touring homes, here are a few tips for parents to consider.

  • Time to Fix Your ARM?

    If you have an ARM that's scheduled to adjust soon, you may want to consider the benefits of a fixed-rate mortgage while rates are still low.

  • How KonMari Can Help Homeowners

    If you're preparing your house to be staged, packing to move, or looking to make better use of the space you already have, here are some Marie Kondo inspired tips to help.

  • FYIs about DIY

    If you're a homeowner you've probably got ideas for home improvements... so how do DIY home projects compare to professional renovations?

  • Reach Your Dreams with 3% Down

    Low down payment mortgage options – some requiring as little as 3% down – are available for qualified borrowers and can offer you a path to homeownership.

  • Renting 101: From Listings to Leases

    Approximately 63 percent of renters are satisfied with their rental experience. So, what's the key to finding the right home?

  • Planning Your Move

    The excitement of buying a new home is frequently followed with the dread of having to move. We've put together some tips to make your move as seamless as possible.

  • From Saving Up to Settling Down: The Homebuying Lifecycle

    Here are three key phases of homeownership that many people experience during their lifetime.

  • 6 Steps to Achieve your Homebuying Resolution

    If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to become a homeowner, we have 6 ways to make the homebuying process easier.

  • In It For The Long Run

    For the final blog in our avoiding homebuying mistakes series we are talking about the long-term planning involved in homeownership.

  • Do Your Homework

    We're explaining the importance of choosing a home that meets your long-run needs and stressing the first rule of real estate: location, location, location.

  • Making the "Right" Choice

    If you are looking to buy a house, realize that there is likely more than one "right" home for you-every property will have its pros and cons.

  • Money Management: Bringing Home the Bacon

    A home is likely the most expensive investment of your lifetime, so it is important to begin the home buying process by getting your financials in order.

  • Generation Z is Buying Homes

    Although Generation Z is early-on in adulthood, they nearly match millennial aspirations for homeownership, 97% of Generation Z believe that they will own a home in the future.