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  • Decoding the Housing Market

    You're likely to encounter these terms when you look up mortgage rates or hear people discuss the "housing outlook".

  • 5 Tips for Mobile House Hunting

    Can apps simplify the search for your next home?

  • A Look Ahead: The Housing Market in 2020

    With low interest rates, modest inflation and a solid labor market, there are many reasons to be optimistic about housing in the coming year.

  • Stop Homebuyers in Their Scroll

    Learn the importance of listing photos when selling a home.

  • Making a [Homebuying] List, Checking it Twice.

    Use our homebuying checklist if you're looking to become a homeowner in the new year.

  • Tis the Season to Sell Your Home

    Unwrap these tips for selling your home during the holidays.

  • In the Know: Manufactured Homes

    For many, the term "manufactured housing" doesn’t conjure images of spacious and updated homes, but perhaps it should.

  • Winter Housing Market = Buyers’ Wonderland

    Find out why winter might be the best time to buy a house, and read tips for homebuying in colder weather.

  • Three Common Real Estate Scams

    Learn about moving fraud, foreclosure scams, and rental schemes.

  • Four Reasons to Go Green

    When it comes to energy-efficiency and your home, there are four notable reasons to go green.

  • Military Financial Readiness: Saluting your Service

    Deployment is never easy, but financial readiness can help minimize stress and anxiety for you and your family

  • Bundling Up Your Home for Winter

    Use this checklist to winterize your home and prepare for the colder days ahead.

  • Would You Buy a Home Next to a Cemetery?

    Buying a home near a cemetery may not be as grave a mistake as you think.

  • 5 Homebuying Reality TV Myths

    How real is reality TV? Here are some homebuying lessons you won't learn from binge watching your favorite shows.

  • The Economics of Renting

    The cost of renting a home involves more than paying monthly rent. Find out what you need to know, for the short- and long-term.

  • Understanding Housing Counselors

    If you have your eyes set on buying a home, but have questions or concerns, consider leaning on a Housing Counselor.

  • The Value of Accessibility

    In the DC Metro Area, proximity to a Metro station has an impact on home prices.

  • What are HOAs?

    A homeowners association (HOA) is a group who enforces rules to protect home values and maintain the quality of life for a community.

  • Calculate for the Cost of Homeownership

    What's the real cost of owning a home? Our calculators can help you budget how much home you can afford.

  • Do You Have a Home Field Advantage?

    NFL stadiums can have a major impact on the local economy and real estate market, where does your team rank against the rest?

  • The Best Week to Buy a Home

    With kids back in school and the days getting shorter, some families may think it wise to wait for the spring or summer buying season to find a great deal on a new home.

  • Clearing Up Commission

    Wondering how real estate agents get paid? It's time to learn about the real estate commission fee.

  • Six Home Improvements Offering the Highest ROI

    Not all home projects are equal when it comes to earning you a return on investment.

  • Pricing Out PMI

    We're here to explain what PMI is and how it can be to your benefit.

  • Pumpkin Spice and Making Your Home Nice

    Have you started preparing your home for fall? As seasons change, so do your home's needs.

  • Renter's Guide Part 2

    Ready to sign the lease on your first "adult" home? As a renter, you have both rights and responsibilities, here are three things you should review with your landlord before signing.

  • Renter's Guide to Post Graduation

    For recent graduates, where you'll live is probably top of mind. To help you get started on your rental journey, here are a few questions to think about.

  • Self-Employed Mortgage Application Tips

    Learn how to qualify for a mortgage if you have a non-traditional work situation.

  • Mortgage Rates: Are Your Stars Aligned?

    Today's low mortgage rates can give you extra purchasing power, potentially making a home once unaffordable, affordable.

  • Choose Your Term

    Whether you choose a 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, you're guaranteed that your monthly mortgage payment will remain the same for the entire term of the loan.

  • How is Affordability Influencing Your Zip Code?

    Housing affordability is a challenge impacting over half of today's renters and homeowners.

  • 10 Homebuying Acronyms You Need to Know

    PMI, APR, LTV… say what? Learn some of the most important industry acronyms and their definitions, so you can sound like a pro as you go through the homebuying process.

  • FAQ: Disaster Relief

    When a disaster hits home it can be overwhelming. You've got mortgage relief questions? We've got your answers.

  • Sparking Action: Wildfire Preparedness

    If you are in an area where wildfires are an active risk, it's important to act now to protect your home later.

  • Equity and The Power of Appreciation

    Rising home prices over the last 10 years have played a significant role in building wealth across the nation.

  • Disaster Preparedness: Tornado Tips

    Tornadoes develop quickly and often arrive without warning, no matter where you live, a little planning can go a long way to protect your family and your home from these disasters.

  • Summer Greens

    Summer weather calls for smart, green solutions to beat the heat and save hard-earned dollars.

  • Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness

    Hurricane season is here and while no one can stop a tropical storm from happening, you can take steps to ensure your safety.

  • Renovations, Rates and Refinancing

    Freddie Mac's new CHOICERenovation mortgage saves both time and money by providing cost-effective options for financing or refinancing home renovations, repairs, or improvements.

  • The Key Documents for Emergency Preparedness

    Financial preparedness involves more than just setting aside funds for an emergency.

  • The Independence of Owning a Home

    Owning a home is considered the American Dream by many. In addition to the feelings of pride and accomplishment, becoming a homeowner has lifelong benefits.

  • Finding Your Perfect Match

    Looking for a new place to call home? With so many options to consider, we suggest starting with the classic mantra: location, location, location.

  • Together, We Make Home Possible

    For all of us, it's more than just a job, it's our passion.

  • 6.8 Million Are In The Pool. Are You?

    As the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage nears a two-year low, more homeowners are entering the "refi-eligible" pool.

  • Lenders Make Home Possible

    Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience, but lenders provide a steadying hand.

  • What's the Magic Number? Breaking Down Down Payments

    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a 20% downpayment to buy a home.

  • Agents Make Home Possible

    Your real estate agent is responsible for finding the right home for you - at the right price

  • Housing Counselors Make Home Possible

    Buying a home can be intimidating - if you're not sure how to get started, consider working with an experienced housing counselor.

  • Making Home Possible

    We're proud to be part of the industry that helps turn dreams into reality for people like first-time homebuyer Patrick Mineo of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

  • Memory Lane: Spring Homebuying

    That's a wrap! Test your knowledge in our homebuying quiz to see what you've learn this spring.