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  • Do Your Homework

    We're explaining the importance of choosing a home that meets your long-run needs and stressing the first rule of real estate: location, location, location.

  • Making the "Right" Choice

    If you are looking to buy a house, realize that there is likely more than one "right" home for you-every property will have its pros and cons.

  • Money Management: Bringing Home the Bacon

    A home is likely the most expensive investment of your lifetime, so it is important to begin the home buying process by getting your financials in order.

  • Generation Z is Buying Homes

    Although Generation Z is early-on in adulthood, they nearly match millennial aspirations for homeownership, 97% of Generation Z believe that they will own a home in the future.

  • Making a List, Checking it Twice

    As you begin to make your holiday wish list, you might also consider creating a homebuying wish list.

  • How Much Home Can I Afford?

    Finding the answer is one of the most important questions you'll have to answer when buying a home. Learn what matters most.

  • Giving Thanks at Habitat for Humanity CEO Build

    This month, in the spirt of giving, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity and other local community leaders to celebrate Habitat NOVA's 100th family served with a CEO Build.

  • 3 Tips to Help You Avoid a Rental Scam This Fall

    To protect yourself, learn all you can about the rental process and watch for these red flags.

  • Giving Credit(Smart) Where It's Due

    Learning strong lifelong money management skills can help you feel confident about your financial health no matter what obstacles arise.

  • Winter is Coming... Are You Prepared?

    Here are some helpful tips to keep the cold outside and you and your family warm inside.

  • Would You Buy a Haunted House?

    Your dream home is haunted. Are you still interested?

  • Self-Employed? Learn How You Can Get a Mortgage

    Starting the loan application process can be overwhelming, but even more so for borrowers who are self-employed.

  • Buying from Afar

    If you're buying a home from afar you can beat a great deal of the stress with preparation and a strong support system.

  • What Do You Think is More Affordable?

    If you've struggled to pay your rent recently, know that you’re not alone.

  • Equity in the West

    The Western states have shown strong gains in equity this past year. What can you expect?

  • Are Pet Owners More Likely to Rent or Own?

    What if owning a pet could predict if you're more likely to rent or own a home?

  • Ways to Save for a Down Payment

    Look to build your nest egg and reach your homebuying goal with these tips.

  • 5 Tips for Buying New Construction

    Buying new construction can provide you with exciting choices, but the buying process is different and warrants some tips for success.

  • 5 Steps to Help Safeguard Your Smart Life

    Learn how to protect yourself and your smart devices from cyber criminals.

  • Can Housing Catch Up to the Red-Hot Economy?

    With 2018 coming to an end, will the housing market see a fourth quarter comeback?

  • 3 Strategies for Winning the Bidding War

    Today's market is competitive and bidding wars are not uncommon. So, how do you "win" this war?

  • Apartment Types: What's the Difference?

    Don't know a garden-style apartment property from a walk-up? Learn about the different types of multifamily rental housing.

  • 30 Years of Certainty

    30 years may sound like a lifetime with many unknowns, but a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage can provide you with many comforting certainties.

  • Hurricane Tips from Families In-The-Know

    When you learn that a major storm is headed your way, you can never be too prepared. Read up and follow these practical tips from families who've been in your shoes.

  • Myth vs. Fact: Manufactured Homes

    Here are five prevalent manufactured housing myths and the facts that debunk them.

  • Is the Housing Market Shifting to Favor Buyers?

    After years of increasing home prices, the tide is turning to benefit buyers.

  • Global Perspective

    Did you know that the United States has one the most affordable housing markets in the world? It's true.

  • 10 Terms You Should Know

    If you're a first-time homebuyer, ask yourself: Am I ready for the "homebuying" lingo? Your words are important and we're here to help you talk wisely.

  • Rent: It's Relative

    If you're renting and have flexibility with where you can call home, it's important to look deeper than just the rent payment itself. There are other important factors to consider

  • ISO A+ Schools

    In real estate, the adage "location, location, location" still holds true, but for three-quarters of buyers, this really means "school district, school district, school district."

  • Affordability is Just One Reason Renters Intend to Keep Renting

    There are more renter households today than at any point since at least 1965. Learn why.

  • Mortgage Relief Amid California Wildfires

    If you're a homeowner who has been impacted by the California wildfires, contact your mortgage company right away to discuss your mortgage relief options.

  • 10 Best Places for First-Time Homebuyers

    Finding the right location is an important factor when looking to buy a home.

  • Strong & Steady

    Strong and steady. That's how our transformation is showing up in our financial and business results.

  • Ringing the Bell at our SBL Loan Lab

    We took our innovative Multifamily Small Balance Loan Lab pop-up to the Big Apple for a high-energy morning of closing deals.

  • Are You Financially Prepared for a Disaster?

    Ask yourself these questions so you're prepared for emergencies or natural disasters.

  • Help Around the Corner and Across the Country

    Whether you're hoping to buy a home or struggling to pay your mortgage, Borrower Help Centers and Borrower Help Network help.

  • Stay Safe: Preparing for a Hurricane

    Unfortunately, no one can stop a tropical storm or hurricane from happening, but you can prepare and take steps to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Five Quick Tips About Apartment Leases

    If you're moving into a new home this summer, it's important to be informed before you sign a rental lease.

  • First-time Buyers Are Finally on the Rise

    First-time buyers represented 46 percent of Freddie Mac's purchased loans in the first quarter, which was the largest share in recent history. Can it continue?

  • Who Is The Borrower of the Future?

    As we wrap up National Homeownership Month, what better time to look at the future of homeownership.

  • 5 Reasons to be Optimistic About Homeownership

    Find out why Freddie Mac's outlook for homeownership looks bright in coming years.

  • Your Home, Our Economy

    From your hometown to the national stage, the housing market has big impact on the economy. In fact, it accounted for approximately 12.3% of our GDP in 2017.

  • Helping Families Stay in Their Homes

    We're reimagining the mortgage experience to help keep homeowners in their homes through simpler policies and programs.

  • The Power of Attachment

    Did you know that homeownership helps foster stronger, more stable neighborhoods? It's true. Check out all of the social benefits owning a home can bring.

  • Your Home and Your Community's Bottom Line

    As a homeowner, you're not only making an investment in your future, you're investing in your local economy – in up to 26 ways

  • Get Into a Home This June

    This National Homeownership Month we're celebrating borrowers and lenders as we reimagine the mortgage experience to make homeownership possible.

  • There's No Place Like Home

    The pride of homeownership, coupled with a sense of freedom, gives you the power to make your home uniquely yours, from the outside in.

  • An Employment Leg Up with NextJob Partnership

    A new Freddie Mac partnership with NextJob will provide job search assistance to current and aspiring homeowners living in designated underserved markets.

  • Credit Risk Transfer: $1 Trillion Milestone

    Credit risk transfer is changing the way the U.S. residential housing market is funded – and we're leading the way.