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Be Wicked Smart About Identity Theft

Join us in our final National Cyber Security Awareness Month post to learn how to keep yourself and your information secure.

Be Wicked Smart About Online Rental Scams

We're continuing our "Be Wicked Smart" series in celebration of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Today's topic - online rental scams.

Be Wicked Smart About Phishing

It's October AND National Cyber Security Month – be wicked smart.

Outsmarting Scammers

Following a natural disaster or during times of hardship, it's very important to recognize and avoid scams.

Cómo Solicitar Ayuda Después de un Huracán

Si su hogar o lugar de trabajo ha sido afectado por los huracanes Harvey o Irma, aquí le informamos algunos pasos importantes que debe dar de inmediato para encaminarse hacia la recuperación.

4 Minutes to a Safer You

International Fraud Week is a good time to learn what scams are out there and how to protect yourself. Take 4 minutes to watch these 4 videos to become a safer renter and homebuyer today.

Don't be Spoofed: It's a Wrap

With the wrap up of National Cyber Security Awareness month, it's a good time to reflect and take some steps to become more cyber savvy. Today learn how to protect your mortgage application from identity thieves.

Don't be Spoofed: Take Two

National Cyber Security Awareness month is a good time to reflect and take some steps to become more cyber savvy. Today's topic? Online rental scams.

Don't be Spoofed

It's spooky out there. Keep yourself and your information safe and secure — don't be spoofed! National Cyber Security Awareness month is a good time to reflect and take some steps to become more cyber savvy.

Avoiding Repair Scams After a Disaster

Fraud artists who show up after disasters promise quick, quality repairs but then overcharge, do shoddy work, or skip town with the insurance money before the job is done. Here's how to protect yourself.

Don't Buy Trouble When Fixing Your Credit

A new Freddie Mac video shows why consumers who pay for a quick 'guaranteed' fix to poor credit usually end up buying a lot of trouble. Watch for tips to protect yourself.

The First Rule of Mortgage Applications Is: You Do Not Lie on Mortgage Applications

A recent column by Ken Harney highlights why borrowers should never stretch the truth on a loan application to get a mortgage or a better interest rate.

Fraudster Preys on Christian Faithful, Gets 30 Years

A Michigan man is convicted for targeting a religious community with phony promises of foreclosure relief.

Lender Checklists for Fighting Mortgage Fraud

It's time to take a fresh look at their process for detecting and stopping mortgage fraud.

Mortgage Fraud: Most Active States & Schemes

The five most active states for mortgage fraud, and the most active schemes, according to Freddie Mac's fraud investigators.

How Do Mortgage Fraudsters Find Their Targets?

Borrower desperation simplifies the fraudsters' job to the point where all they have to do is advertise a promise and post a phone number or e-mail address.