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Callable MTN Securities

Callable MTN Securities

Periodic Repurchase Operations Announcements and Results
Announcement as of April 23, 2003

Repurchase Operations dateApr 23, 2003
Repurchase Operations open10:00 AM ET
Repurchase Operations close11:00 AM ET
Settlement DateApr 24, 2003
Maximum Repurchase PAR amount in this operation$ 2,200 mm
Target Issues Amount Available for Repurchase1 Amount
Maturity Original Term Coupon CUSIP(millions)(millions)
11-Oct-12 10NC3 4.750 3128X0BD0 $ 800$ 355
25-May-12 10NC2 6.000 312925QA1$ 400$ 105
29-Apr-09 7NC2 5.750 312925JK7$ 300$ 67
26-Nov-07 5NC1 3.750 3128X0NB1$ 100$ 0
29-Oct-07 5NC2 4.000 3128X0FB0$ 400$ 0
04-Sep-07 5.5NC2 5.000 3129247M9$ 50$ 0
16-Aug-06 5NC3 5.375 312924BB8$ 67$ 0
03-Mar-06 3.5NC1 3.500 3129252C3$ 50$ 50
02-Dec-05 3NC1 3.000 3128X0NX3$ 50$ 26
Total Amount Repurchased $ 603
Overall offer-to-cover ratio 3.7 to 1
Disclaimers: Freddie Mac's repurchases of Callable Medium Term Notes (MTN's) in connection with its Periodic Repurchase Operations are undertaken only with designated dealers, all of whom are located in the United States. This announcement is provided for general information only and does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy securities. Freddie Mac's Callable MTN's are obligations of Freddie Mac only. Callable MTN's, including any interest or return of discount on the Callable MTN's, are not guaranteed by and are not debts or obligations of the United States or any federal agency or instrumentality other than Freddie Mac.
1See Table of Eligible Issues for Periodic Repurchase Operations

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