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Reference Bills® Securities History by Auction Date

As of COB 02/14/2019 for 2019

Auction Date Settle­ment Date Matur­ity Date Days To Matur­ity CUSIP Amount Issued
Price Stop Rate Money Mar­ket Yield Bid to Cover Ratio
Auction Date:02/11/2019 Settlement Date:02/11/2019 Maturity Date:05/13/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396FN8 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.398 Money Market Yield:2.413 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.185
Auction Date:02/04/2019 Settlement Date:02/04/2019 Maturity Date:05/07/2019 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396FG3 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.385 Money Market Yield:2.400 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.570
Auction Date:01/28/2019 Settlement Date:01/28/2019 Maturity Date:04/29/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396EY5 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.379 Money Market Yield:2.393 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.000
Auction Date:01/22/2019 Settlement Date:01/22/2019 Maturity Date:04/24/2019 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396ET6 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.390 Money Market Yield:2.405 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.395
Auction Date:01/14/2019 Settlement Date:01/14/2019 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.38 Stop Rate:2.400 Money Market Yield:2.415 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.570
Auction Date:01/07/2019 Settlement Date:01/07/2019 Maturity Date:04/08/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396EB5 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.405 Money Market Yield:2.420 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.160