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Reference Bills® Securities History by Auction Date

As of COB 12/11/2018 for 2018

Auction Date Settle­ment Date Matur­ity Date Days To Matur­ity CUSIP Amount Issued
Price Stop Rate Money Mar­ket Yield Bid to Cover Ratio
Auction Date:12/10/2018 Settlement Date:12/10/2018 Maturity Date:03/11/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396CX9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.390 Money Market Yield:2.405 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.880
Auction Date:12/10/2018 Settlement Date:12/10/2018 Maturity Date:06/11/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396GT4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.73 Stop Rate:2.494 Money Market Yield:2.526 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.980
Auction Date:12/03/2018 Settlement Date:12/03/2018 Maturity Date:03/04/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396CQ4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.377 Money Market Yield:2.391 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.640
Auction Date:12/03/2018 Settlement Date:12/03/2018 Maturity Date:06/03/2019 Days To Maturity:182 CUSIP:313396GK3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.74 Stop Rate:2.497 Money Market Yield:2.529 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.500
Auction Date:11/26/2018 Settlement Date:11/26/2018 Maturity Date:05/20/2019 Days To Maturity:175 CUSIP:313396FV0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.79 Stop Rate:2.484 Money Market Yield:2.514 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.690
Auction Date:11/19/2018 Settlement Date:11/19/2018 Maturity Date:05/20/2019 Days To Maturity:182 CUSIP:313396FV0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.75 Stop Rate:2.464 Money Market Yield:2.495 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.000
Auction Date:11/19/2018 Settlement Date:11/19/2018 Maturity Date:01/18/2019 Days To Maturity:60 CUSIP:313396AT0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.62 Stop Rate:2.280 Money Market Yield:2.289 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.740
Auction Date:11/13/2018 Settlement Date:11/13/2018 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:155 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.96 Stop Rate:2.425 Money Market Yield:2.451 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.800
Auction Date:11/13/2018 Settlement Date:11/13/2018 Maturity Date:02/13/2019 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396BV4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.344 Money Market Yield:2.358 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.540
Auction Date:11/05/2018 Settlement Date:11/05/2018 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:163 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.90 Stop Rate:2.419 Money Market Yield:2.446 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.060
Auction Date:10/29/2018 Settlement Date:10/29/2018 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:170 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.85 Stop Rate:2.425 Money Market Yield:2.453 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.610
Auction Date:10/22/2018 Settlement Date:10/22/2018 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:177 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.81 Stop Rate:2.423 Money Market Yield:2.452 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.500
Auction Date:10/15/2018 Settlement Date:10/15/2018 Maturity Date:01/18/2019 Days To Maturity:95 CUSIP:313396AT0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.41 Stop Rate:2.254 Money Market Yield:2.267 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.300
Auction Date:10/09/2018 Settlement Date:10/09/2018 Maturity Date:12/19/2018 Days To Maturity:71 CUSIP:313397T76 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.57 Stop Rate:2.175 Money Market Yield:2.184 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.900
Auction Date:10/01/2018 Settlement Date:10/01/2018 Maturity Date:01/03/2019 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396AC7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.43 Stop Rate:2.185 Money Market Yield:2.198 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.050
Auction Date:09/24/2018 Settlement Date:09/24/2018 Maturity Date:12/24/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397U41 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.45 Stop Rate:2.170 Money Market Yield:2.182 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.540
Auction Date:09/17/2018 Settlement Date:09/17/2018 Maturity Date:12/19/2018 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313397T76 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.45 Stop Rate:2.125 Money Market Yield:2.137 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.040
Auction Date:09/10/2018 Settlement Date:09/10/2018 Maturity Date:11/20/2018 Days To Maturity:71 CUSIP:313397Q20 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.59 Stop Rate:2.095 Money Market Yield:2.104 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.660
Auction Date:09/04/2018 Settlement Date:09/04/2018 Maturity Date:12/04/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397R86 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.47 Stop Rate:2.100 Money Market Yield:2.111 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.770
Auction Date:08/27/2018 Settlement Date:08/27/2018 Maturity Date:11/29/2018 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313397R37 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.46 Stop Rate:2.080 Money Market Yield:2.091 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.180
Auction Date:08/20/2018 Settlement Date:08/20/2018 Maturity Date:11/20/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397Q20 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.48 Stop Rate:2.030 Money Market Yield:2.041 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.440
Auction Date:08/13/2018 Settlement Date:08/13/2018 Maturity Date:11/13/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397P39 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.48 Stop Rate:2.030 Money Market Yield:2.041 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.220
Auction Date:08/06/2018 Settlement Date:08/06/2018 Maturity Date:11/05/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397N31 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.49 Stop Rate:1.998 Money Market Yield:2.008 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.380
Auction Date:07/30/2018 Settlement Date:07/30/2018 Maturity Date:10/26/2018 Days To Maturity:88 CUSIP:313397L90 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.52 Stop Rate:1.964 Money Market Yield:1.973 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.890
Auction Date:07/23/2018 Settlement Date:07/23/2018 Maturity Date:10/18/2018 Days To Maturity:87 CUSIP:313397K91 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.53 Stop Rate:1.959 Money Market Yield:1.968 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.490
Auction Date:07/16/2018 Settlement Date:07/16/2018 Maturity Date:10/11/2018 Days To Maturity:87 CUSIP:313397K26 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.53 Stop Rate:1.960 Money Market Yield:1.969 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.740
Auction Date:07/09/2018 Settlement Date:07/09/2018 Maturity Date:10/09/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397J85 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.50 Stop Rate:1.948 Money Market Yield:1.958 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.840
Auction Date:07/02/2018 Settlement Date:07/02/2018 Maturity Date:09/05/2018 Days To Maturity:65 CUSIP:313397E64 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.66 Stop Rate:1.889 Money Market Yield:1.895 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.750
Auction Date:07/02/2018 Settlement Date:07/02/2018 Maturity Date:10/02/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397H95 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.51 Stop Rate:1.930 Money Market Yield:1.940 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.010
Auction Date:06/25/2018 Settlement Date:06/25/2018 Maturity Date:09/19/2018 Days To Maturity:86 CUSIP:313397G47 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.55 Stop Rate:1.893 Money Market Yield:1.902 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.970
Auction Date:06/18/2018 Settlement Date:06/18/2018 Maturity Date:09/19/2018 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313397G47 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.51 Stop Rate:1.915 Money Market Yield:1.925 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.550
Auction Date:06/11/2018 Settlement Date:06/11/2018 Maturity Date:09/10/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397F30 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.51 Stop Rate:1.919 Money Market Yield:1.928 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.940
Auction Date:06/04/2018 Settlement Date:06/04/2018 Maturity Date:09/04/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397E56 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.51 Stop Rate:1.914 Money Market Yield:1.923 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.280
Auction Date:05/29/2018 Settlement Date:05/29/2018 Maturity Date:08/27/2018 Days To Maturity:90 CUSIP:313397D57 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.53 Stop Rate:1.895 Money Market Yield:1.904 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.884
Auction Date:05/21/2018 Settlement Date:05/21/2018 Maturity Date:08/20/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397C66 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.52 Stop Rate:1.895 Money Market Yield:1.904 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.536
Auction Date:05/14/2018 Settlement Date:05/14/2018 Maturity Date:08/10/2018 Days To Maturity:88 CUSIP:313397B42 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.54 Stop Rate:1.895 Money Market Yield:1.904 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.515
Auction Date:05/07/2018 Settlement Date:05/07/2018 Maturity Date:08/06/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397A84 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.54 Stop Rate:1.830 Money Market Yield:1.839 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.740
Auction Date:04/30/2018 Settlement Date:04/30/2018 Maturity Date:07/30/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397ZZ7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.54 Stop Rate:1.807 Money Market Yield:1.815 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.940
Auction Date:04/23/2018 Settlement Date:04/23/2018 Maturity Date:07/23/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397ZS3 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.54 Stop Rate:1.815 Money Market Yield:1.823 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.525
Auction Date:04/16/2018 Settlement Date:04/16/2018 Maturity Date:07/16/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397ZK0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.56 Stop Rate:1.743 Money Market Yield:1.751 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.540
Auction Date:04/09/2018 Settlement Date:04/09/2018 Maturity Date:07/09/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397ZC8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.57 Stop Rate:1.702 Money Market Yield:1.709 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.470
Auction Date:04/02/2018 Settlement Date:04/02/2018 Maturity Date:06/20/2018 Days To Maturity:79 CUSIP:313397YH8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.63 Stop Rate:1.705 Money Market Yield:1.711 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.200
Auction Date:03/26/2018 Settlement Date:03/26/2018 Maturity Date:06/20/2018 Days To Maturity:86 CUSIP:313397YH8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.59 Stop Rate:1.728 Money Market Yield:1.735 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.340
Auction Date:03/19/2018 Settlement Date:03/19/2018 Maturity Date:06/20/2018 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313397YH8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.54 Stop Rate:1.800 Money Market Yield:1.808 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.740
Auction Date:03/12/2018 Settlement Date:03/12/2018 Maturity Date:04/18/2018 Days To Maturity:37 CUSIP:313397VS7 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.84 Stop Rate:1.570 Money Market Yield:1.573 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.690
Auction Date:03/05/2018 Settlement Date:03/05/2018 Maturity Date:06/04/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397XR7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.59 Stop Rate:1.640 Money Market Yield:1.647 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.540
Auction Date:02/26/2018 Settlement Date:02/26/2018 Maturity Date:03/21/2018 Days To Maturity:23 CUSIP:313397UN9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.91 Stop Rate:1.374 Money Market Yield:1.375 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.140
Auction Date:02/20/2018 Settlement Date:02/20/2018 Maturity Date:05/21/2018 Days To Maturity:90 CUSIP:313397XB2 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.59 Stop Rate:1.629 Money Market Yield:1.636 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.124
Auction Date:02/12/2018 Settlement Date:02/12/2018 Maturity Date:08/09/2018 Days To Maturity:178 CUSIP:313397B34 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.15 Stop Rate:1.725 Money Market Yield:1.740 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.760
Auction Date:02/12/2018 Settlement Date:02/12/2018 Maturity Date:05/10/2018 Days To Maturity:87 CUSIP:313397WQ0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.62 Stop Rate:1.560 Money Market Yield:1.566 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.940
Auction Date:02/05/2018 Settlement Date:02/05/2018 Maturity Date:08/03/2018 Days To Maturity:179 CUSIP:313397A50 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.19 Stop Rate:1.630 Money Market Yield:1.643 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.360
Auction Date:02/05/2018 Settlement Date:02/05/2018 Maturity Date:05/07/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397WM9 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.63 Stop Rate:1.470 Money Market Yield:1.475 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.860
Auction Date:01/29/2018 Settlement Date:01/29/2018 Maturity Date:04/27/2018 Days To Maturity:88 CUSIP:313397WB3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.66 Stop Rate:1.402 Money Market Yield:1.407 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.340
Auction Date:01/22/2018 Settlement Date:01/22/2018 Maturity Date:04/23/2018 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313397VX6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.64 Stop Rate:1.419 Money Market Yield:1.424 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.700
Auction Date:01/16/2018 Settlement Date:01/16/2018 Maturity Date:04/16/2018 Days To Maturity:90 CUSIP:313397VQ1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.64 Stop Rate:1.423 Money Market Yield:1.428 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.240
Auction Date:01/08/2018 Settlement Date:01/08/2018 Maturity Date:04/10/2018 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313397VJ7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.65 Stop Rate:1.384 Money Market Yield:1.389 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.740
Auction Date:01/02/2018 Settlement Date:01/02/2018 Maturity Date:04/02/2018 Days To Maturity:90 CUSIP:313397VA6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.65 Stop Rate:1.390 Money Market Yield:1.395 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.780