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Reference Bills® Securities History by Auction Date

As of COB 05/27/2020 for 2020

Auction Date Settle­ment Date Matur­ity Date Days To Matur­ity CUSIP Amount Issued
Price Stop Rate Money Mar­ket Yield Bid to Cover Ratio
Auction Date:05/26/2020 Settlement Date:05/26/2020 Maturity Date:07/23/2020 Days To Maturity:58 CUSIP:313396ZT3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.98 Stop Rate:0.104 Money Market Yield:0.104 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.200
Auction Date:05/26/2020 Settlement Date:05/26/2020 Maturity Date:08/24/2020 Days To Maturity:90 CUSIP:313396D34 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.119 Money Market Yield:0.119 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.600
Auction Date:05/18/2020 Settlement Date:05/18/2020 Maturity Date:08/20/2020 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396C76 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.109 Money Market Yield:0.109 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.200
Auction Date:05/18/2020 Settlement Date:05/18/2020 Maturity Date:07/21/2020 Days To Maturity:64 CUSIP:313396ZR7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.98 Stop Rate:0.090 Money Market Yield:0.090 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.200
Auction Date:05/11/2020 Settlement Date:05/11/2020 Maturity Date:08/12/2020 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396B77 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.110 Money Market Yield:0.110 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.350
Auction Date:05/04/2020 Settlement Date:05/04/2020 Maturity Date:08/06/2020 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396A94 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.110 Money Market Yield:0.110 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.980
Auction Date:04/27/2020 Settlement Date:04/27/2020 Maturity Date:07/29/2020 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396ZZ9 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.126 Money Market Yield:0.126 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.025
Auction Date:04/20/2020 Settlement Date:04/20/2020 Maturity Date:07/20/2020 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396ZQ9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.97 Stop Rate:0.128 Money Market Yield:0.128 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.150
Auction Date:04/13/2020 Settlement Date:04/13/2020 Maturity Date:08/12/2020 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396B77 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.89 Stop Rate:0.318 Money Market Yield:0.318 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.720
Auction Date:04/06/2020 Settlement Date:04/06/2020 Maturity Date:08/06/2020 Days To Maturity:122 CUSIP:313396A94 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.96 Stop Rate:0.120 Money Market Yield:0.120 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.100
Auction Date:03/30/2020 Settlement Date:03/30/2020 Maturity Date:07/02/2020 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396YW7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:100.00 Stop Rate:0.013 Money Market Yield:0.013 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.950
Auction Date:03/23/2020 Settlement Date:03/23/2020 Maturity Date:08/19/2020 Days To Maturity:149 CUSIP:313396C68 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.96 Stop Rate:0.100 Money Market Yield:0.100 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.800
Auction Date:03/02/2020 Settlement Date:03/02/2020 Maturity Date:06/04/2020 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396XS7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.69 Stop Rate:1.180 Money Market Yield:1.184 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.720
Auction Date:02/24/2020 Settlement Date:02/24/2020 Maturity Date:06/17/2020 Days To Maturity:114 CUSIP:313396YF4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.10 Price:99.53 Stop Rate:1.490 Money Market Yield:1.497 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.100
Auction Date:02/18/2020 Settlement Date:02/18/2020 Maturity Date:06/17/2020 Days To Maturity:120 CUSIP:313396YF4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.49 Stop Rate:1.545 Money Market Yield:1.553 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.420
Auction Date:02/10/2020 Settlement Date:02/10/2020 Maturity Date:06/10/2020 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396XY4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.48 Stop Rate:1.549 Money Market Yield:1.557 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.570
Auction Date:02/03/2020 Settlement Date:02/03/2020 Maturity Date:04/30/2020 Days To Maturity:87 CUSIP:313396WF6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.63 Stop Rate:1.549 Money Market Yield:1.555 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.620
Auction Date:01/27/2020 Settlement Date:01/27/2020 Maturity Date:04/27/2020 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396WC3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.61 Stop Rate:1.529 Money Market Yield:1.535 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.300
Auction Date:01/21/2020 Settlement Date:01/21/2020 Maturity Date:04/22/2020 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396VX8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.61 Stop Rate:1.535 Money Market Yield:1.541 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.000
Auction Date:01/13/2020 Settlement Date:01/13/2020 Maturity Date:04/08/2020 Days To Maturity:86 CUSIP:313396VH3 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.63 Stop Rate:1.530 Money Market Yield:1.536 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.810
Auction Date:01/06/2020 Settlement Date:01/06/2020 Maturity Date:04/07/2020 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396VG5 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.61 Stop Rate:1.525 Money Market Yield:1.531 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.400