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Reference Bills® Securities History by Auction Date

As of COB 11/18/2019 for 2019

Auction Date Settle­ment Date Matur­ity Date Days To Matur­ity CUSIP Amount Issued
Price Stop Rate Money Mar­ket Yield Bid to Cover Ratio
Auction Date:11/18/2019 Settlement Date:11/18/2019 Maturity Date:04/17/2020 Days To Maturity:151 CUSIP:313396VS9 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.35 Stop Rate:1.547 Money Market Yield:1.557 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.160
Auction Date:11/12/2019 Settlement Date:11/12/2019 Maturity Date:04/09/2020 Days To Maturity:149 CUSIP:313396VJ9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.37 Stop Rate:1.534 Money Market Yield:1.544 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.320
Auction Date:11/04/2019 Settlement Date:11/04/2019 Maturity Date:04/02/2020 Days To Maturity:150 CUSIP:313396VB6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.38 Stop Rate:1.500 Money Market Yield:1.509 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.040
Auction Date:10/28/2019 Settlement Date:10/28/2019 Maturity Date:03/27/2020 Days To Maturity:151 CUSIP:313396UV3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.32 Stop Rate:1.620 Money Market Yield:1.631 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.320
Auction Date:10/21/2019 Settlement Date:10/21/2019 Maturity Date:01/22/2020 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396SC8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.58 Stop Rate:1.644 Money Market Yield:1.651 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.940
Auction Date:10/15/2019 Settlement Date:10/15/2019 Maturity Date:02/13/2020 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396TA1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.45 Stop Rate:1.648 Money Market Yield:1.657 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.220
Auction Date:10/07/2019 Settlement Date:10/07/2019 Maturity Date:02/07/2020 Days To Maturity:123 CUSIP:313396SU8 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.42 Stop Rate:1.687 Money Market Yield:1.697 Bid to Cover Ratio:9.960
Auction Date:10/07/2019 Settlement Date:10/07/2019 Maturity Date:03/05/2020 Days To Maturity:150 CUSIP:313396TX1 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.30 Stop Rate:1.669 Money Market Yield:1.681 Bid to Cover Ratio:9.375
Auction Date:09/30/2019 Settlement Date:09/30/2019 Maturity Date:01/02/2020 Days To Maturity:94 CUSIP:313396RG0 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.52 Stop Rate:1.839 Money Market Yield:1.848 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.830
Auction Date:09/23/2019 Settlement Date:09/23/2019 Maturity Date:01/21/2020 Days To Maturity:120 CUSIP:313396SB0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.38 Stop Rate:1.874 Money Market Yield:1.886 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.220
Auction Date:09/16/2019 Settlement Date:09/16/2019 Maturity Date:01/21/2020 Days To Maturity:127 CUSIP:313396SB0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.34 Stop Rate:1.880 Money Market Yield:1.893 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.520
Auction Date:09/09/2019 Settlement Date:09/09/2019 Maturity Date:01/09/2020 Days To Maturity:122 CUSIP:313396RP0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.37 Stop Rate:1.863 Money Market Yield:1.875 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.290
Auction Date:09/03/2019 Settlement Date:09/03/2019 Maturity Date:01/03/2020 Days To Maturity:122 CUSIP:313396RH8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.36 Stop Rate:1.880 Money Market Yield:1.892 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.820
Auction Date:08/26/2019 Settlement Date:08/26/2019 Maturity Date:12/27/2019 Days To Maturity:123 CUSIP:313396RA3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.36 Stop Rate:1.880 Money Market Yield:1.892 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.900
Auction Date:08/19/2019 Settlement Date:08/19/2019 Maturity Date:12/18/2019 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396QR7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.37 Stop Rate:1.860 Money Market Yield:1.872 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.440
Auction Date:08/12/2019 Settlement Date:08/12/2019 Maturity Date:12/12/2019 Days To Maturity:122 CUSIP:313396QK2 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.35 Stop Rate:1.920 Money Market Yield:1.933 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.160
Auction Date:08/05/2019 Settlement Date:08/05/2019 Maturity Date:12/04/2019 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396QB2 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.34 Stop Rate:1.975 Money Market Yield:1.988 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.760
Auction Date:07/29/2019 Settlement Date:07/29/2019 Maturity Date:12/03/2019 Days To Maturity:127 CUSIP:313396QA4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.28 Stop Rate:2.040 Money Market Yield:2.055 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.722
Auction Date:07/22/2019 Settlement Date:07/22/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:120 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.33 Stop Rate:2.023 Money Market Yield:2.037 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.796
Auction Date:07/15/2019 Settlement Date:07/15/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:127 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.27 Stop Rate:2.060 Money Market Yield:2.075 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.696
Auction Date:07/08/2019 Settlement Date:07/08/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:134 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.22 Stop Rate:2.095 Money Market Yield:2.111 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.085
Auction Date:07/08/2019 Settlement Date:07/08/2019 Maturity Date:12/18/2019 Days To Maturity:163 CUSIP:313396QR7 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.05 Stop Rate:2.095 Money Market Yield:2.115 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.636
Auction Date:07/01/2019 Settlement Date:07/01/2019 Maturity Date:11/05/2019 Days To Maturity:127 CUSIP:313396NW9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.27 Stop Rate:2.070 Money Market Yield:2.085 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.940
Auction Date:06/24/2019 Settlement Date:06/24/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:148 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.16 Stop Rate:2.035 Money Market Yield:2.052 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.088
Auction Date:06/17/2019 Settlement Date:06/17/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:155 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.08 Stop Rate:2.140 Money Market Yield:2.160 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.000
Auction Date:06/10/2019 Settlement Date:06/10/2019 Maturity Date:11/12/2019 Days To Maturity:155 CUSIP:313396PD9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.08 Stop Rate:2.145 Money Market Yield:2.165 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.084
Auction Date:06/03/2019 Settlement Date:06/03/2019 Maturity Date:10/04/2019 Days To Maturity:123 CUSIP:313396MN0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.21 Stop Rate:2.305 Money Market Yield:2.323 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.460
Auction Date:05/28/2019 Settlement Date:05/28/2019 Maturity Date:11/29/2019 Days To Maturity:185 CUSIP:313396PW7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.81 Stop Rate:2.320 Money Market Yield:2.348 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.600
Auction Date:05/20/2019 Settlement Date:05/20/2019 Maturity Date:11/19/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396PL1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.81 Stop Rate:2.348 Money Market Yield:2.376 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.860
Auction Date:05/13/2019 Settlement Date:05/13/2019 Maturity Date:11/08/2019 Days To Maturity:179 CUSIP:313396NZ2 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.82 Stop Rate:2.368 Money Market Yield:2.396 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.250
Auction Date:05/06/2019 Settlement Date:05/06/2019 Maturity Date:11/04/2019 Days To Maturity:182 CUSIP:313396NV1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.80 Stop Rate:2.383 Money Market Yield:2.412 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.800
Auction Date:04/29/2019 Settlement Date:04/29/2019 Maturity Date:10/29/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396NP4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.78 Stop Rate:2.395 Money Market Yield:2.425 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.250
Auction Date:04/22/2019 Settlement Date:04/22/2019 Maturity Date:10/10/2019 Days To Maturity:171 CUSIP:313396MU4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.86 Stop Rate:2.400 Money Market Yield:2.428 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.180
Auction Date:04/15/2019 Settlement Date:04/15/2019 Maturity Date:10/10/2019 Days To Maturity:178 CUSIP:313396MU4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.82 Stop Rate:2.389 Money Market Yield:2.418 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.930
Auction Date:04/08/2019 Settlement Date:04/08/2019 Maturity Date:07/08/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396HW6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.382 Money Market Yield:2.396 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.500
Auction Date:04/08/2019 Settlement Date:04/08/2019 Maturity Date:10/07/2019 Days To Maturity:182 CUSIP:313396MR1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.79 Stop Rate:2.390 Money Market Yield:2.419 Bid to Cover Ratio:8.150
Auction Date:04/01/2019 Settlement Date:04/01/2019 Maturity Date:07/03/2019 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396HR7 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.38 Stop Rate:2.383 Money Market Yield:2.398 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.870
Auction Date:04/01/2019 Settlement Date:04/01/2019 Maturity Date:10/01/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396MK6 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.79 Stop Rate:2.390 Money Market Yield:2.419 Bid to Cover Ratio:3.970
Auction Date:03/25/2019 Settlement Date:03/25/2019 Maturity Date:09/24/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396MC4 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.77 Stop Rate:2.420 Money Market Yield:2.450 Bid to Cover Ratio:7.900
Auction Date:03/18/2019 Settlement Date:03/18/2019 Maturity Date:09/18/2019 Days To Maturity:184 CUSIP:313396LW1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.75 Stop Rate:2.452 Money Market Yield:2.483 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.300
Auction Date:03/11/2019 Settlement Date:03/11/2019 Maturity Date:09/09/2019 Days To Maturity:182 CUSIP:313396LM3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:98.76 Stop Rate:2.453 Money Market Yield:2.484 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.840
Auction Date:03/04/2019 Settlement Date:03/04/2019 Maturity Date:07/02/2019 Days To Maturity:120 CUSIP:313396HQ9 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.20 Stop Rate:2.413 Money Market Yield:2.433 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.510
Auction Date:03/04/2019 Settlement Date:03/04/2019 Maturity Date:09/03/2019 Days To Maturity:183 CUSIP:313396LF8 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:98.75 Stop Rate:2.453 Money Market Yield:2.484 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.610
Auction Date:02/25/2019 Settlement Date:02/25/2019 Maturity Date:04/18/2019 Days To Maturity:52 CUSIP:313396EM1 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.65 Stop Rate:2.398 Money Market Yield:2.406 Bid to Cover Ratio:2.985
Auction Date:02/19/2019 Settlement Date:02/19/2019 Maturity Date:06/20/2019 Days To Maturity:121 CUSIP:313396HC0 Amount Issued (Billions):0.75 Price:99.19 Stop Rate:2.412 Money Market Yield:2.432 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.280
Auction Date:02/19/2019 Settlement Date:02/19/2019 Maturity Date:07/17/2019 Days To Maturity:148 CUSIP:313396JF1 Amount Issued (Billions):0.75 Price:99.00 Stop Rate:2.423 Money Market Yield:2.447 Bid to Cover Ratio:6.400
Auction Date:02/11/2019 Settlement Date:02/11/2019 Maturity Date:05/13/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396FN8 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.398 Money Market Yield:2.413 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.185
Auction Date:02/04/2019 Settlement Date:02/04/2019 Maturity Date:05/07/2019 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396FG3 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.385 Money Market Yield:2.400 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.570
Auction Date:01/28/2019 Settlement Date:01/28/2019 Maturity Date:04/29/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396EY5 Amount Issued (Billions):0.25 Price:99.40 Stop Rate:2.379 Money Market Yield:2.393 Bid to Cover Ratio:5.000
Auction Date:01/22/2019 Settlement Date:01/22/2019 Maturity Date:04/24/2019 Days To Maturity:92 CUSIP:313396ET6 Amount Issued (Billions):1.00 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.390 Money Market Yield:2.405 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.395
Auction Date:01/14/2019 Settlement Date:01/14/2019 Maturity Date:04/17/2019 Days To Maturity:93 CUSIP:313396EL3 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.38 Stop Rate:2.400 Money Market Yield:2.415 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.570
Auction Date:01/07/2019 Settlement Date:01/07/2019 Maturity Date:04/08/2019 Days To Maturity:91 CUSIP:313396EB5 Amount Issued (Billions):0.50 Price:99.39 Stop Rate:2.405 Money Market Yield:2.420 Bid to Cover Ratio:4.160