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Security Lookup

PC Security Lookup

Retrieve Mortgage Securities information based on CUSIP or Pool Number.

Elements marked * are required.

Step 1: Enter CUSIP OR Pool Number.

(e.g. 3128Q43H0)

(e.g. A84000)

Step 2: Select Information Option.

CRA-Targeted PC Supplemental Disclosure

Freddie Mac's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)-Targeted PC may help institutions seeking to purchase a CRA-targeted investment.

The supplemental PC data that Freddie Mac is disclosing contains informational files for certain Freddie Mac PCs that contain high concentrations of loans with household income levels that meet the low- and moderate-income definitions of the CRA. The  CRA-Targeted PC Supplemental Disclosure Guide identifies and defines the additional data elements.

NOTICE: Freddie Mac makes no representation that: (i) the underlying mortgage assets will qualify as CRA eligible or will be accepted by any regulatory or governmental agency for CRA credit; or (ii) the asset-level CRA Information being disclosed by Freddie Mac is sufficient or complete for purposes of (A) demonstrating that the underlying mortgage assets qualify as CRA eligible or (B) obtaining CRA credit. Institutions should contact their regulator for guidance.

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