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Security Lookup

REMIC Security Lookup

Retrieve Mortgage Securities information based on CUSIP or Series & Class.

Elements marked * are required.

Step 1: Enter CUSIP Number OR Series & Class.

(e.g. 3133T5S12)

REMIC Series Number

Class ID (optional)

Product Example Series Number
Multiclass Certificates (REMIC, Stated Final REMIC) 3530, SF05
Reference REMIC R016
Stripped Interest Certificates (STRIP) 258
Structured Pass-through Certificates (T-deal) T082
Freddie Mac Securities REMIC Trust (Whole Loan REMIC) 05S001
Multifamily M Series M022
Multifamily Structured Pass-through Certificates
(K-deal, Q-deal, SB-deal)
K003, Q001, KKA1*, SB001
Multifamily Aggregation Risk Transfer Certificates (KT-deal) KT01
Multifamily REMIC P001
Multifamily ML Certificates (ML-Deal) 17ML01
*KKA series for Lookup purposes is KKA1

Step 2: Select Information Option.

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