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  • Why are the Experts Pessimistic About the Future of Homeownership?

    The national homeownership rate has been declining for over a decade. According to the experts, we can expect further declines. More

    Why are the Experts Pessimistic About the Future of Homeownership?
  • Fun After Fifty

    According to the common wisdom, Baby Boomers like Peter Pan refuse to grow older. Instead of retiring, they launch second and third careers. More

    Fun After Fifty
  • How to Worry About House Prices

    Decades from now, scholars will still be debating the causes of the Great Recession of the mid-2000's, but it's generally agreed that the collapse of the housing sector was at... More

    How to Worry About House Prices
  • Life's a Beach

    So you've always dreamed of living at the beach, but you're discouraged by the high price of beachfront property? Not to worry. We've found just the place for you. More

    Life's a Beach
  • Improving America's housing stock, one loan at a time

    Home improvement spending keeps the U.S. housing stock up-to-date and adequate to the needs of a changing population. More

    Improving America's housing stock, one loan at a time
  • Knowledge Is Good

    The opening shots of the 1978 film Animal House show idyllic scenes of the fictional Faber College. At one point, the camera zooms in on a statue of Emil Faber, the founder of the college. More

    Knowledge Is Good

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