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  • The Housing Supply Shortage: State of the States

    The United States suffers from a severe housing shortage. In a recent study, The Major Challenge of Inadequate U.S. Housing Supply, we estimated that 2.5 million additional housing units will be needed to make up this shortage. Our earlier study used national statistics, treating the United States as a single market. What happens when we look closer, basing the analysis at the state level? More

  • New Survey Shows Affordability Continues to Drive Purchase and Rental Decisions

    A new Freddie Mac survey shows that affordability remains top of mind for those individuals looking to rent or purchase a home. In fact, Freddie Mac’s “Profile of Today’s Renter and Owner” shows vast majorities of both renters and homeowners believe their current living situation is the most affordable option. More

  • Family Budget Burdens Squeezing Housing: Child Care Costs

    There's something else keeping Susan and Peter up at night besides their newborn and 2-year-old: wondering how to pay the bills. More

  • Optimism Heading into 2020

    Sustained economic growth, low interest rates, and a robust labor market helped the U.S. housing market regain its footing in 2019. More

    December Forecast Chart Snapshot
  • The Housing Market Continues to Stand Firm

    Investors were increasingly optimistic of a possible trade deal between the United States and China in October which relieved some of the downward pressure on Treasury yields. More

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