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Single-Family Green Bonds

Freddie Mac is a mission-driven company – providing liquidity, stability and affordability to the U.S. housing market is what we do best. Our sustainability strategy strengthens our commitment to our mission and helps us drive long-term value for our stakeholders while making a difference in our communities. Improving the energy efficiency of homes may provide savings to our borrowers, increase the value of homes and positively impact our environment.

Single-Family Green Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS)

Freddie Mac is a leader in mortgage finance that supports the growing market for energy efficient single-family homes. Freddie Mac's Single-Family Green MBS issuance is a natural extension of our role in providing standards and scale to the nation's housing markets.

Overview of Collateral

Freddie Mac Single-Family Green MBS supports our company's focus on financing energy efficiency  in new and existing single-family homes, helping to preserve home affordability over time. 

Each Single-Family Green MBS issued to-date is backed by Freddie Mac GreenCHOICE Mortgages®, where borrowers used refinance proceeds to finance energy efficient home improvements. Specifically, the proceeds or portion thereof from each refinanced mortgage backing these Single-Family Green MBS paid off existing debt that was used to finance the purchase and installation of solar panels as a renewable energy source. Currently, Freddie Mac reviews the appraisal reports to confirm the presence of solar panels on the properties securing each of the mortgages included in our Single-Family Green MBS issuances.  

Renewable Energy Benefits via

  • Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and plentiful
  • Solar energy may reduce monthly utility bills
  • Solar panels are viewed as upgrades to a home, so purchasing a solar energy system will likely increase a home's value

Freddie Mac considers these securities to be a significant first step in the development of our Single-Family Green MBS Program. Freddie Mac is exploring additional energy efficient collateral for inclusion in our forthcoming Single-Family Green MBS framework and future issuances.

Freddie Mac Single-Family Green MBS have not been designed to satisfy the environmental, sustainability or other "green" criteria of any third party framework. Accordingly, we can provide no assurance that Freddie Mac Single-Family Green MBS will be suitable for any particular "green" investment mandate or strategy.

The list below highlights our latest pools issued as part of our Single-Family Green MBS Program.

CUSIP Security Identifier Prefix Issue Date Issuance Investor Security UPB Seller Name(s)
3133LJAG6 RD0007 CN 9/1/2021 $2,370,062 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133L8PK5 RC2226 CI 9/1/2021 $1,759,885 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133L8PJ8 RC2225 CI 9/1/2021 $6,642,365 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133L8PH2 RC2224 CI 9/1/2021 $2,000,172 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133L8PG4 RC2223 CI 9/1/2021 $2,255,176 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133L8PF6 RC2222 CI 9/1/2021 $3,279,608 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KTVA5 RB0609 CT 9/1/2021 $6,664,312 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS97 RA5944 CL 9/1/2021 $3,737,403 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS89 RA5943 CL 9/1/2021 $13,048,369 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KTU99 RB0608 CT 9/1/2021 $1,518,404 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS71 RA5942 CL 9/1/2021 $2,505,272 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS63 RA5941 CL 9/1/2021 $1,966,328 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS55 RA5940 CL 9/1/2021 $1,892,028 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS48 RA5939 CL 9/1/2021 $2,548,239 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS30 RA5938 CL 9/1/2021 $1,588,336 GOODLEAP, LLC
3133KMS22 RA5937 CL 9/1/2021 $12,115,793 GOODLEAP, LLC

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