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Freddie Mac’s mission is to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market. We interpret that mission expansively to meet the country’s broader housing needs by providing affordable, safe, sustainable and equitable access to housing. This includes integrating environmental, social and governance strategies into our business and operations, which we accomplish through four pillars: purpose, planet, people and practices.

Materiality Assessment

In 2020, Freddie Mac established a Sustainability Office that is responsible for developing the corporate sustainability strategy, and managing and driving implementation across the company. To design this strategy, Freddie Mac engaged with internal leaders and external partners to conduct a materiality assessment and researched relevant industry standards to identify sustainability issues most important to our stakeholders, long-term business and mission. This work is the foundation of our pillars. In keeping with industry best practice, we plan to voluntarily refresh our materiality assessment periodically and will update those results here.

Homeowner and his mother on the front steps of their home with their dog



We deliver solutions to meet the country’s housing needs, in good times and bad, promoting greater access to affordable and sustainable homes and rental properties.

Focus Areas

  • Address longstanding issues of inequity in housing
  • Provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market, particularly in underserved communities across the country

Key Programs



We promote environmentally sustainable single-family and multifamily housing to reduce climate-related risks and increase affordability.

Focus Areas

  • Attract impact capital to the housing market
  • Increase resilient, efficient and environmentally sustainable housing

Key Programs

Aerial view of a neighborhood with solar panels on the roofs
A diverse group of Freddie Mac employees taking a coffee break and conversing


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Talent

We promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in all aspects of our business to attract, retain and grow talent for today and tomorrow and empower suppliers, partners and local communities.

Focus Areas

  • Promote DEI in all aspects of our business and all levels of the organization
  • Grow, develop and empower people for today and tomorrow

Key Programs


Sustainable Operation

We provide stability to the housing industry through outstanding risk management.

Focus Areas

  • Further integrate sustainability in our business and operations
  • Reduce carbon emissions from our operations

Key Programs

Freddie Mac facilities manager working in the boiler room

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