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In a changing world, our sustainability efforts help ensure we can continue to Make Home Possible equitably and responsibly for families across the nation.

Affordability issues, changing economic conditions and natural disasters have created uncertainty for housing. Our mission to provide stability, liquidity and affordability to the housing finance system requires mitigation of that uncertainty.

To that end, Freddie Mac has implemented an enterprise-wide sustainability strategy that supports the continued success and longevity of our business, the housing industry and the planet — and we have received recognition for our work.

2023 Sustainability Report

This report provides an overview of the company's new sustainability strategy, activities and performance. It highlights how we bring our mission to life through the management of various environmental, social and governance matters. Additionally, the report includes our responses to SASB and TCFD frameworks.

Our Sustainability Goals

Our sustainability strategy is framed by three long-term goals.

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Protect the Future of Housing

We have a responsibility to provide affordable and stable rental and homeownership opportunities to communities across America amid a dynamic U.S. housing market and a challenging environmental landscape.

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Promote Inclusive Communities

We are charged with supporting low- and moderate-income families as a way to address long-standing issues of inequity in housing. Similarly, in our workplace, we build strength through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) commitments and investment in our workforce.

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Uphold Responsible Operations

We do our daily work ethically, maintaining a culture built on proper governance, controls and oversight, and we hold ourselves accountable through consistent application of our core competencies and behaviors.

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Our Sustainability Focus

To achieve our long-term goals, we are focusing our work on four interconnected areas.

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Climate Impact

Gain greater understanding of and promote environmental sustainability, reduce climate-related risks and increase housing affordability.

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Sustainable Housing

Put mission first by addressing long-standing issues of inequity and promoting greater access to affordable and sustainable housing.

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DEI and Human Capital

Invest in our workforce and attract, retain and grow talent for today and tomorrow with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Sustainable Operations

Demonstrate our commitment to responsible business practices and ethical behavior.

Reports and Disclosures

Our corporate strategy and sustainability priorities are furthered by our commitment to transparent reporting and disclosures of relevant data. Explore our reports and disclosures below.