Welcome to Freddie Mac's Annual Stockholders' Meeting. During the meeting, management will report to you on the Corporation's operations and a vote will be taken on the items of business on the Agenda.

In the interest of an orderly meeting, we would like to remind you to observe the following rules:

  1. All stockholders (and their representatives) must register at the reception desk before entering the meeting.

  2. The business of the meeting will be taken up as set forth on the Agenda. When an item on the Agenda is before the meeting for consideration, stockholders should please confine their questions to that Agenda item.

  3. All questions and comments should be directed to the Chairman of the meeting. Stockholders wishing to address the meeting should ask the Chairman to be recognized. Upon recognition by the Chairman, speakers should use the microphone provided to state their name and status as a stockholder before asking any question.

  4. If a stockholder has a question on Freddie Mac's operations not otherwise related to the business of this meeting, an opportunity will be provided to present such questions during the "General Question Period" listed on the Agenda.

  5. In order to give all stockholders who wish to speak an opportunity, stockholders are limited to two questions and will be permitted to present their second question only after each stockholder has had an opportunity to present a question. Individual questions should not exceed three minutes.

  6. The views and comments of all stockholders are appreciated. However, the Chairman or Corporate Secretary will stop discussions that are:

    • Irrelevant to Freddie Mac's business;
    • Related to pending or threatened litigation;
    • Derogatory;
    • Substantially repetitious of statements made by other stockholders; or
    • Related to personal grievances.
  7. As a courtesy to speakers, photography and audio or video recordings are prohibited.

  8. The Corporate Secretary shall assist the Chairman in the administration of these rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.