The reality of racism continues to dominate our headlines and our lives.

Against the already challenging backdrop of a global health pandemic, tragic acts of anti-Asian racism, harassment and violence towards Asian individuals have taken center stage. It is incredibly disheartening to read account after account of Asian individuals being targeted and harassed, assaulted, robbed or worse.

At Freddie Mac, we stand in full support and solidarity with our Asian colleagues and communities. As I noted in a recent message to all our employees, we do not tolerate racism, discrimination or bias toward any group of people.

Engaging inclusively and addressing racial inequity is a priority at Freddie Mac. Horrific events like the recent Atlanta shooting necessitate that we must continue to take care of ourselves and each other, listen to and learn from those affected and do our part to advance meaningful change.

The nation has experienced many challenges over the past year, including COVID-19, anti-Asian racism and the civil unrest following the tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many others. In the face of these challenges, we remain committed to ensuring that Freddie Mac is an inclusive place where we can all be our best selves, while advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the communities where we live and work.

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