I recently celebrated my one-year service anniversary at Freddie Mac. To deliver on our mission of Making Home Possible, Freddie Mac has three strategic priorities: practice risk management excellence, deliver results and, of particular significance for me, grow and develop our people. We know that to support our mission and the housing industry of the future, Freddie Mac must advance a culture where talented people from all backgrounds can succeed.

Like many organizations, Freddie Mac recognizes the impact of shifts and trends in the modern-day workforce culture. The evolving workforce environment challenges me and our senior leadership team to constantly evaluate how we develop and grow our people. Our strategic approach to this at Freddie Mac includes efforts to improve the employee experience, equipping our workforce with leadership skills, and helping our people grow into meaningful and productive careers.

Attracting and Retaining Talent for Today and Tomorrow

The World Economic Forum reported earlier this year that more than half of U.S. workers are considering switching jobs now that the threat of the pandemic has subsided. This has translated to a surge in job opportunities coming to the market, combined with a growing interest in considering another employer.  

Here at Freddie Mac, we are responding to these market dynamics by engaging those potential jobseekers and sharing the values of our company. But even more important, we are focused on how to retain and grow our current talent. Doing so is the key to ensuring those with dynamic skill sets and diverse perspectives continue to choose Freddie Mac.

To meet this goal, we are improving the employee experience, increasing leadership development opportunities and continuing to offer a market-leading benefits package. We also continue to provide competitive offerings that aim to support employees’ total well-being. These include a first-time homebuyer benefit, 12 weeks of paid parental leave, student loan repayment, caretaker leave, adoption and surrogacy benefits, and more. These offerings enable our people to better manage their work/life commitments as they contribute to making homeownership and rental housing more accessible and affordable for families across the nation.

In addition, we are working to ensure that we can continue supporting our mission and the housing finance system by cultivating the next generation of the company’s leaders. We are enhancing people leader training, succession planning, and development tailored to various career levels, goals and abilities. This effort reflects our belief that we work better when we strengthen and celebrate the diversity of our leaders and their skill sets.

Focus on People Leads to Performance

As a mission-driven company, Freddie Mac recognizes that our success lies at the intersection of people, performance and results. That reflects in our culture. It is why we refreshed Freddie Mac’s competencies to support our direction, to focus on driving performance and to deliver results.

There are five competencies: lead, collaborate, deliver results, focus on stakeholders, and grow and develop. Research has shown that organizations able to align their mission with their strategy and culture are more likely to succeed. By working to align employees around these competencies, our goal is to create meaningful engagement and fulfillment for each employee’s career journey.

In addition, with an improved rewards and recognition program launched this year, we have built better mechanisms to acknowledge solid performance and contribute to the drive toward employee excellence.

A Home for Talent

As workforce headlines continue to make news worldwide, my focus is on cultivating a home for talent right here at Freddie Mac. It is my privilege to be part of a strong and committed team that believes the mission of Making Home Possible starts with its employees. I look forward to contributing to this important work and growing talent for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about careers at Freddie Mac and our benefits, culture and available opportunities at careers.freddiemac.com.

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