• Racial & Ethnic Valuation Gaps in Home Purchase Appraisals - A Modeling Approach

    This Research Note builds on our previous Note published in September 2021 to report on a refined and expanded modeling approach that Freddie Mac adopted in the racial valuation gap context. Our first Note analyzed tract averages as little research existed on this important topic and we wanted to spark a discussion and receive feedback on our approach leading to subsequent work. This Note reflects much of the feedback we have received. More

  • Homebuyers in Coastal Florida Are Not Factoring Sea Level Rise Risk into Home Prices

    Our analysis showed that home prices in coastal Florida may not be taking into account the future risk of rising sea levels. More

  • Trends in Mortgage Refinancing Activity

    This Research Note covers recent developments in the U.S. mortgage market. We review trends in mortgage refinancing activity, including a detailed look at payment savings and equity extraction through cash-out refinances. We also examine recent trends in mortgage origination discount points and fees and close with a discussion of heterogeneity in the mortgage market. More

  • Sea Level Rise and Impact on Home Prices in Coastal Florida

    In this Research Note, we assess whether primary homebuyers and residential market investors in coastal Florida consider the future risk of rising sea levels when making a home purchase decision and whether they pay less for homes they deem at risk. More

  • Refinance Trends in the First Half of 2021

    In the first half of 2021, homeowners continued to take advantage of the low mortgage rates and increased home equity to refinance their properties, reducing their monthly payments and extracting equity through cash-out refinances. More

  • Who Are the Future Borrowers? A Deep dive into their Barriers and Opportunities.

    This report sheds light on the mortgage readiness, i.e., future homeownership potential, of young adults aged 18-45 based on their credit characteristics. More